This doesn't make much sense

Think far out but I'm still locked in

I'm still lost, walking circles

The floor swallowed me up

There's no where to go

There's a vulture on my shoulder

And he's telling me to give in

Always hissing right in my ear

Like it's coming from my own head

It's got me mixed up, trying not to give up

Tell me there's a way to get out of here

Oh, fixed at zero

Chapter 4


That same night, I walked to the bathroom wanting to get the thought of this bet out of my mind.

Maybe a nice, hot shower will soothe you.

Just thinking about all of the ways I could get that thing that lives with me- to fold under my influences was hard enough. But to be in a bet where it was primitive that I follow through with the task was adding unwanted pressure. She already hated me, like Arricka said, what was the point of even trying?

Great, now your going to owe Osias and the thing's friend fifty bucks each.

What a wonderful day it's been.

Not to mention Gretchen didn't understand the signals that I've been bluntly throwing at her. Not only does she still try to pointlessly seduce me, she doesn't understand the meaning of the word: no. I'm at the end of my patience and pretty soon I'm going to have her escorted off the premises. It's not like anyone would miss her, she was annoying as it was with her squeaky voice and pasted make-up. I would do anything for a baby wipe when around her so that the coat of grime she paints on her face would be permanently removed. But hey, that's just me.

When I entered the bathroom, I immediately headed over to the shower since my own body felt like it was covered in grime from that swimming pool. I tried not to think about how many women Richard's uncle probably had in that pool seeing as he was a lady's man.

I turned the shower on, dropped my trunks, and didn't hesitate to jump into the path of the scalding water as it rubbed away all of the bacteria that clung to my every pore. I closed my eyes and let the heat surround me for a good second.

The thought of Elspeth and her stealing my condoms came to mind and the back of my eyelids turned red with furry. That bitch thought that she could get at me by stealing my condoms well she has another thing coming, I will be avenged.

I opened my eyes to reach for the soap when I saw it.

It was right in front of my face, hanging from the light fixture above my head, by a string. And I could've sworn the little condom was mocking me as it swung left to right.

And the small note attached to it bugged me the most.

Dear Large,

May this condom- in this perfectly clean area of the house- show you just how much filth you need to wash from your tainted body while subjected to a warm hot shower. Happy clensing!

-Your Concerned Friend,


My blood was boiling, my heart had started to thud in my chest along with the burning anger that I was beginning to feel towards this stupid little girl.

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