Chapter 27

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I wasn’t going to update, but then biology made me want to rip my hair out

So I did.

But, hey ho I added some biology into it. Subliminal revision. You probably won’t even know the symptoms anyway though so aha.



“Why don’t we go tomorrow instead?” Michelle worried as we stood around the campsite, pulling on our jackets to go for the midnight walk. “Look at you Brian, you can’t even walk!”

I was trying to avoid talking, for I knew that I’d had too much to drink and didn’t want to get Midge and I in trouble.

“No. I wanna go Michelle” my dad pouted childishly. “I wanna go for a walk.”

Wednesday and Michelle exchanged glances, before shaking their heads at one another.

“Matt, you can’t come. You’re in such a state that you can’t possibly walk. We’ll take you tomorrow night. Just, go to bed and Wed will look after you.”

He pouted again, before sighing and slumping back into the seat of the log in which he had been.

Wednesday wrapped an arm around him in an attempt to comfort him – an attempt that he happily took on from her as he sunk into her arm.

I tried not to think about it, but Midge’s words had sort of made me question. I couldn’t help it. It just made me think.

We all waved byes to him, and he ignored most of them.

As I walked away from the camp, kind of isolating myself from the rest of them, I could hear talking coming from my dad and Wednesday. Midge had made me really suspicious and I didn’t know if it was a gut feeling or not.

“Men” Michelle shook her head to Gena as the two of them burst out into laughter as they walked through the clearing and into some sort of field.

I walked behind them slowly, following where they went to that I wouldn’t get lost.

Jimmy and Johnny, whose girlfriend’s hadn’t come with us, were just wandering from person to person, initiating some sort of conversation. Midge ended up walking besides her mum – clearly emotional from the alcohol she had consumed before we left base camp.

She wrapped an arm around Michelle’s arm and began to rest her head on her shoulder.

“How are you, little one?” Jimmy asked me as he probably saw that I was walking alone.

We all knew that I hadn’t really bonded with the guys yet – I had hardly even seen them since I had arrived – and I was keeping my distance from the all.

I guess I always had been a little bit too shy.

“I’m alright” I smiled, trying to make myself sound as sober as possible. Although, I didn’t really know why I bothered considering he was beyond wasted.

“Do you miss your mom?” he sighed empathetically. “Is that why you’re a little down? You want your mom to be here?”

I shook my head. “No, It’s not that” I giggled.

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