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There's this one high school in the city, and a boy named Jeon Jungkook. He's a hearttrob to every females and dated most of the girls in the school. But he's surely a picky boy as he only dated girls who he thought the prettiest to him. Because of this attitude along with his good looks, he got his title as 'Playboy Kook'.

But no one could hate this playboy regardless the awful heartbreak. They just couldn't put a blame on him. Even the exes were still fell for him.

He dated any girls that he wanted to. Well, they wanted to be with him because he's handsome and popular, but none of them genuinely care for his heart.

It was time for break, and all of the students scrambled around the school compound. Jungkook, as usual would hang out with his friends, Jimin and Taehyung, but he excused himself for some 'important business'.

Jungkook went for the lockers where he supposedly meet his now girlfriend. And of course, she's one of the prettiest.

Leaning against the girl, he began his sweet talk to his girlfriend, ignoring the jealousy and deadly whispers across the hall. Both of them were so into their intimate conversations that they didn't realised someone was standing behind them, in annoyance.

"Excuse me, love birds."

That someone interfered, looking at both the girlfriend and Jungkook's face. "Excuse you. Can't you see we're busy here?" The girlfriend rolled her eyes.

"I am well aware whatever you two had here, but this is my locker and I need it right now."

The girl replied nonchalantly. The girlfriend was about to rage when Jungkook grabbed by her arm and pulled her aside, giving space to the other girl. The girl kept her silence as she unlocked the locker and took out a textbook in it. Jungkook's girlfriend gave her a disgust look while Jungkook stood there, being observant to the girl. She locked her locker, then facing both of them.


She spoke. Her face displayed so much disinterest and no fun at all. And just like that, she walked away. Jungkook got his eyes glued at her figure until she's no longer in his sight.

"Is she new here? Why she acts like that?" He thought, as he couldn't forget how expressionless her face was when she was looking at him. The school bell rang, snapped his thoughts back to reality. Then he shifted his focus back on his girlfriend.

"I'll see you after school."

He was about to enter his class when he saw that girl again. This time she was walking next to a girl whom he assumed to be her friend, and her expression was completely different from the way she confronted him earlier. That laugh and smile, it generated a whole new curiosity in him.

"There's no way she's new here. Every girls in this school must know who I am. I can't risk my reputation just because a girl who act like she didn't even acknowledged my presence here."

Little did she knew, she's officially his target.

To be continued..

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