chapter 33

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Perrie's p.o.v

She was there and I couldn't help it we were up close and I.....I am a homewrecker. If Harry found out about this he'd rage at me.

It's been a couple days and Jade hasn't even said a word to me let a lone look at me. Wow! Could I be any more of a messed up person?

"Hey Jade it's Perrie if you get this please call back or text me I just want to straighten things out." Beep... That was probably the 40th voice mail I've left her today along with a bunch of texts. She wasn't even answering. Did I hurt her that bad?

I still love her. I want to have her back but I can't. I fucked up so bad this time.

I sighed putting my phone back to my ear. "Hey Jade......"


Jade's p.o.v

Perrie's been calling me non stop and I just couldn't find he courage to pick up the phone.

I never told Harry about the night at the party. Even though I didn't exactly love him he was still a close friend and I didn't want to hurt him.

God Jade make up your mind. Stop having such weird mood swings.

It was like one second all I wanted was Perrie by my side again and then another second later I wanted her out of my life forever.


"You ok Jade?" Harry asked me. An eyebrow rising in concern. I've been zoned out so much lately. It's sickening.

"Fine." I picked at my lunch with my fork before moving the tray up on he table resting my chin on the palm of my hand. Harry rubbed my back knowing I was a bit tired.

I've been up all night thinking everything through. How could she just kiss me? She obviously doesn't care.


Perrie's p.o.v

I just decided to give up Jade wasn't going to give in. She's too stubborn.

Other then that another thing that caught my attention was Leigh-Anne snickering at me from the far end of the table.

Now what the hell did she want?


"Hey Edwards." I heard Leigh-Anne's sickening voice tell me when we were making our way back to our lockers. "Just ignore her." Eleanor mummbled next to me.

But no I've had it. I've had enough of the heart ache. Enough of Leigh-Anne's constant bitching. Enough of ghe black mail what the hell does she want from me?

"What?!" I snapped turning around to face her making a crowd of people turn in our direction.

She grinned evily. That damn dark twisted grin. She raised her phone like she has done so many times to her victems. My breath got stuck in my throat as I saw the blurry picture of Jade and the backseat of my car.

My hands were already held tight at my side as I felt my heart beat harder against my chest. My eyes stinging. I wasn't frightened anymore. I really wasn't I was so fucking sick of this by now.

"I'm pretty sure daddy would love to see this.....if he was still in the country." Leigh-Anne mocked in a whispered tone. Wait....what did she say?

My eyes turned cold. Unmercifull. My knuckles turning white from my grip. The moment of relization washing over me.She told my dad. She's the cause of everything.

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