Chapter 19

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His calloused hands gripped onto my naked waist tightly as he pressed his powerful body down onto mine, grinding his hips teasingly into my own.

I panted heavily, my chest heaving as his smooth lips trailed down my chin to my neck, working their way in hot, sensual kisses down to my breasts.

One of his large hands left its spot on my waist and came up, slipping underneath the underwire of my bra and cupping my breast between his needy fingers.

"Fucking perfect," he groaned out against my chest as his kneaded my soft flesh in his hand.

A gasp ripped through my throat as I felt one of his thumbs brush lightly past my nipple, bringing it fully to attention. I felt his other hand slide up the length of my back until it reached the back of my bra, unclasping it and almost immediately discarding the lingerie off to the side.

A shameless moan drew past my lips the second I felt his wet mouth cover over my perked nipple. His tongue swirled around the bud expertly, his lips sucking in my flesh as my back arched off of his couch, pushing myself further into his hot mouth

I was writhing on his sofa, my mind overrun with pleasure as his fingers continued to tweak my one nipple, his teeth nipped teasingly at the other and as his solid member continued to grind against my quickly dampening center.

I wanted him to touch me. My core was burning with need as I thrust my hips up into his, letting him know how desperately I yearned for him in that moment.

His mouth suddenly released my breast, leaving it thoroughly and pleasurably assaulted. Bright blue eyes shining with irrepressible lust latched onto mine, the corner of his slightly reddened lips quirking up just a bit.

"Are you trying to tell me something?" 

"Please," I whined as I pushed my hips up into his again, the rough material of his jeans brushing against my bare thighs.

"Tell me what you want, Leah."


He dropped his face into the crook of my neck, his warm breath fanning across and eliciting a rise of excited goosebumps wherever his breath touched. I felt the soft brush of his nose against the side of my neck, his lips grazing tauntingly up my skin until they reached the base of my ear.

"Say my name, Leah," he demanded.

"Kaleb," I huffed out immediately.

"I fucking love hearing you say my name," he cursed out, his tone mixed with pleasure and awe.

Every wish in my mind was granted the second I felt the touch of Kaleb's fingers against the dampened fabric of my panties.

"Fuck, Peaches. You're always so ready for me," he growled out as he tugged my underwear to the side and ran his fingers freely over my completely bare core.

"Oh, god," I moaned out as the feeling of his flesh meeting my heated center for the first time. He let his fingers move slowly, teasing me relentlessly until I felt the long awaited intrusion of his finger slip past my folds.

A strangled gasp echoed from my lips and through the room as his first finger sunk into me. My eyes slammed shut as I focused on every dip and plunge of his finger inside of me as he slowly but surely began to build me to the breaking point.

"Kaleb," I whispered out through a strained voice, my hands roaming up Kaleb's broad back and gripping onto his body desperately as the pleasure he was giving me became almost overwhelming.

"I've got you. I know what you want," he replied to my call of his name as be worked his finger in and out of me with sinfully perfect skill. "I know exactly what you want, Leah."

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