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"God I wanna fuck that mouth." I opened one eye and Gerard was inches away from my face "Bloody hell." I pulled up the covers up to my chin "Wh-Where's Mikey?" I asked, rubbing my eyes "Picked up Brendon and Ryan and getting some food for you guys and I thought I'd sneak in." he said, I reached out for my shirt and wore it, Mikey thought it'd be fun to have a sleepover at his place so why not "W-Why?" I asked with a yawn "Because I wanna see my favorite boy." he smirked as he hooked his fingers on my shirt and pulled me closer to him 

"W-What ar-are you doing?" I asked looking up at his face and he was biting that sinful mouth of his "Oh nothing." he replied and we were startled with someone clearing their throats, we turned our heads and Mikey was there, together with Ryan and Brendon, I quickly pushed off Gerard and got up from the bed "H-Hey guys." I greeted awkwardly "Gerard, what are you doing here?" Mikey asked his brother "I live here." he replied sarcastically "Did you wake up Frank?" he asked "Might have." Gerard replied "Okay, leave." Mikey said, Gerard sighed and kissed my cheek quickly before Mikey dragged him out of the room "Didn't know you guys were fucking here.." Brendon snickered 

"Aw dude did you?" Mikey asked "N-No!" I screamed "W-Were not d-d-doing th-those stuff." I added defensively "You guys can do it anywhere, just not here." Mikey said and he passed out the food to us "W-We're n-n-n-not fucking." I added "Yet." Brendon winked "Brendon.." Ryan giggled "Stop teasing the boy." he added "Anyway, what movie?" Mikey asked in order to change the subject.


Holy shit I need to fucking pee, it's 2 in the morning and I do not want to run in to Gee, I couldn't wake up Mikey because he's fast asleep, Brendon and Ryan are cuddling and are also fast asleep. Fuck. I sighed and got up because I could not hold it in any longer. I put on some pajamas over my boxers and quietly walked out of Mikey's room, if I go to the bathroom I have to pass by Gerard's room but it's okay, maybe he's fast asleep, it is 2 in the morning. 

I hurriedly walked to the bathroom and did my business, letting out a sigh of relief. I washed my hands and walked back to Mikey's room but I realized that Gerard's door was slightly cracked open, probably just the wind or something, I ignored it and passed by his door only to be pulled inside, it was quite dark "Gerard!" I whispered/yelled "Hush Baby.." he traced my bottom lip with his thumb "G-Gerard.." I whispered, my voice was a bit shaky "Hmm?" he hummed in response 

"W-What do y-you want fr-from me?" I asked, my back was pressed against his door and he was only a few inches away from me "I want you Frank.." he whispered and leaned down and pressed a kiss on my neck, giving me goosebumps "You c-c-confuse me." I replied 

"I like you Frankie.." he whispered looking at me with those hazel eyes "A-A-Ask me on a d-date first, Way." I pushed him lightly "A date it is, Iero." he pressed a chaste on my lips and he had a big smile on his face and I opened the door so I can go back to Mikey's room "Good night Frankie.." I heard him say happily "Night Gee." I replied and closed the door "Fuck yes!" I heard him yell and I'm not gonna lie, it made me blush.

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