Part 1- why am i so shy?

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I'm so sick of being alone, I need someone to love, someone that would keep me safe in there arms, someone that would tell me they love me no-stop oh how that would be so perfect. It was a typical Saturday a day you had nothing to do but sleep and stalking your crushes mostly Jack Glinsky cause he's so perfect. It was boiling hot day, you needed a drink so bad but you didn't want a regular drink you want a nice expensive cold one. So I get my lazy ass up quickly get changed into my pink shorts and white tank top and grab my bag and go to starbucks😂.

When you arrive you see a group of guys standing In front of Starbucks taking pictures with all the girls crowded around them, you don't take notice because you wanted a drink. You walk in and order your usual milkshake that's popular in every Starbucks you go to. "That'll be £3.70" I go to reach for my purse and realise I don't have it, I peered over my shoulder to see the group of guys standing patiently behind me, but it wasn't a regular group of boys it was the magcon boys. I stood there staring at them not making it look obvious that I was blushing I looked again to see if jack glinsky was there because I stalk him the most and I'm always crushing on him so bad, I don't turn away quickly, I made no contact with them at all.

"Excuse me" says the nice lady at the counter " Have you found your purse?" I start to blush and say "sorry no" you tell her to forget about it until Jack G offers to pay for it. You look at him and start to bit your lip because of how gorgeous he was in person. "No it's alright I don't want it anymore" i say quickly. I try to walk away as quick as possible but as soon as I walk out the door I feel someone grab my arm and say "please take it i insist" I turned to see Jack G looking down at me all sweaty from standing in the sun taking pictures for so long he smiles and bites his lip as you turn and say "No thank you I'm not that thirsty anymore" with your cheeks as red as its ever been before, he grabs your arm again "please take it you look so thirsty" he said in a flirty way i turn and say "thank you so much" I say shyly "No biggy" he says with the most beautiful smile in the world, so perfect it made you go week in the knees. Will I see you again he yelled as I walked away from him trying not to lose myself "maybe" I shout. He runs up to me and says "you look so hot when you walk in those shorts and that tank top, walking like you have a lot of attitude" I turn and say "what do you mean I walk with a lot of attitude?" Do you even know me?" I snapped at him. "There it is the attitude" I look up at him and he starts grin so I give him a really bitchy look his grin disappears and quickly changes the subject "so what do you have planned to do today?" He says nervously. "You know the usual lazy day chilling in pyjamas and eating ice cream" you say without even thinking about what you wanted to say. "Wow that sounds fun" Jack says getting excited. "Do you want to come over?" I ask regretting saying it, I knew he would turn me down. "Not today babe" he says with confidence. "Did you just call me babe?" I said anxiously. "Erm sorry to soon?" Jack says awkwardly. I look at him and say "it's okay you calling me babe it's just it sounds so sexy when it you say it" you look down and realised what you just said you freak out and start blushing, jack starts to giggle I looked up and watched him giggle and smiled at him cause he was so god damn cute. He sees me blushing and grabs my face....
(Hey guys I'm new to this please comment and let me know if you want more❤️)

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