Chapter 35: A New Union

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Meathil watched Deigil faun over the dead princesses body. What was she watching? Who was Deigil really? She was the Shadowmount princess, and yet she never said anything. And, she was, with the Ostwyn princess? Were they in a relationship, it did seem like it a few seconds ago when the ice princess kissed Deigil. It startled her, she didn't know that there was so much about Deigil that she didn't know. And if Deigil was the princess of Shadowmount, then was her brother alive too? If so where was he? Meathil couldn't think about it, she couldn't imagine it. She'd felt the feeling of having someone you love being teared away from you by death, but she had hope when Deigil came to save him. But, this wasn't the same type of magic, it was actual death, something that couldn't be fixed.

"Meathil did you have any idea about Deigil?" Othes whispered in her ear, careful not to speak to loudly. She shook her head, not tearing her eyes away from the crying warrior in front of her. Deigil's face was back, and they could all see the pain in it. The girls eyes were wet from tears, she was wailing and screaming uncontrollably. "What do we do?"

"We should give her time, that's all we can do Othes. I bet you she loved the princess, from the way she looked at her it sure seemed like it. We can't push her, because now that we do know what real power she has, I wouldn't want to make her more angry." Her vice captain nodded and stepped aside as Meathil walked a little bit closer to Deigil. What were they going to do now? The queen is dead, yet there is still the queen's meeting that is supposed to happen. And now the only heir to the throne is gone, there are no other people fit to take the throne. If someone does, then who says they will agree to the queens meeting anyways. "We're running out of time, the queen's meeting is set to be in three months from now. It takes ten days to get to Shadowmount from here, and then it will take another twenty to thirty to get back to the Royal Capital. If we have to spend more time here than necsesary, then we will not be able to fulfill the queen's request in time. What then?"

"Someone will take the throne, they have too, and when they do we need to be ready to persuade them."Othes was right, she knew her vice captain was most of the time. She needed to be logical and think through the possibilities. "Ostwyn has a rough training regimen from birth, it is said that a child it abandoned on a freezing mountain at age four and is told to survive. If they don't learn how to, and don't learn to hunt, they die."

"That's cruel, in Eriness they train from little to protect the children, not place them in harms way. I trained there since the age of six until they send me to the Royal Capital to serve as an archer. I've never considered how the other kingdoms train their children. It's...barbaric," Pengeth said, she spoke and wrapped her crushed ankle at the same time. Meathil had never known Pengeth was from Eriness, she didn't know much about the girls actually. But, didn't she say she was an original venus?

"When we went around telling our names and race before hand, you didn't say you were Eriness, why?" She didn't want to push, but there were too many secrets in the bracket now.

"Well...In the capital, people who are not the original race, are frowned upon sometimes. I for one just wanted to avoid it. I planned on telling everyone later, but later never came," the blonde girl explained. Pengeth didn't look up at her, but she could tell the girl was telling the truth. She was so sweet and innocent, Pengeth was still a child no matter her age.

"Hey can you help us here!" She turned around to see Hyril and Thennil dragging Hatolel's bloody body to the group. She rushed over, her hands slipping around the girls waist, and helped her warriors carry her to a pillar. She leaned her up against one, making sure Hatolel wouldn't choke on her own blood. The girls blonde hair was now red and large streaks of blood ran down her face, arms and legs. Meathil felt the girls forehead, no fever, that was a good sign at least. She glanced down at the cape she wore and tore of a piece of it, demanding someone bring her water to disinfect the wounds. They did and she dipped the strip of cloth into the wooden bucket letting it soak. She started on the face, the hair could be dealt with later.

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