[11] White Moon Tales

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"He's asleep."

Elizabeth steps out onto the porch, pushing the door closed behind her, so that she rests her back against the door. She crosses her arms over her chest in an attempt to rub the chill that had brought goosebumps along her arms. "Again."

Kane slightly watches Elizabeth from his position opposing hers. With one foot on the step beneath the top floor of the porch, Kane starts down the stairs, only to pause upon hearing Elizabeth's voice.

"Thank you again, Kane."

"What did he say?"

She shifts her gaze to the wooden floor boards. "He wants to put together a sabotage and ambush on the coven."

"You're going to let that happen?" He stated as if his sentence was more of a fact than question. If it wasn't for the calmness in the tone he used, Elizabeth would have mistaken his question for one of disgust instead of thoughtful logic.

That wasn't an easy question. Not when she knew the life of her brother hung in the middle. Returning her gaze to the floor, the generic words spills easily from her lips. "I tried convincing Grandfather, but he's so set on that one course."

"So you're going to let them take the fall for what that thing did."

Not liking the way Kane referred to her brother, she narrows her eyes, a protective tone in her voice. "That thing is my kid brother, who doesn't fully understand what he is."

"Yea, alright. It's ok for him to-nevermind." He avert his gaze from the young woman after realizing he would get nowhere with sharing his honest opinion openly.

She took a step forward. Her arms dropping to her side as the assertive demeanor gave way to the heated anger. "No, say what you were going to say, Kane."

Kane turns his back to her.

"He may be half that, but he's half me too." Elizabeth covers her stomach by hugging herself. Her head drops slightly, not at all at conflict with showing a gleam into the vulnerability she felt.

"You're not his mother, Elizabeth." Kane snaps his head to her. "When will you ever get that through your thick head?"

Elizabeth took several deep, long breathes to calm the returning anger.

"He took a life of one of his own. I know." She took another step towards Kane. "I know the pain you are feeling. Dammit, I even feel the loss of Alec." Her nails digging into her sun-kissed arms.

The loss of a family member was easily spread throughout the senses of the pack. It was like a spiritual ghost that touched the shoulder of every member as if to say goodbye. The death of Alec had caused a immediate knowing sense of loss. It was due to that feeling that caused most of the pack to come running.

"I can't abandon Sebastian." She spoke barely above a whisper. Her thoughts conflicting like storm clouds clashing. "He's all I have besides Grandfather now."

Kane remains unmoving. Having been a orphan at an early age, he and Elizabeth shared the ache of loneliness and the importance of keeping close to those few loved one.

"And you. I have you too. Please, Kane."

"What are you asking of me, Elizabeth?"

"You know what."

A silent battle of unspoken thoughts hung between them. Just as Elizabeth was about to plead with Kane again, he looks her straight in the eyes. The determination and truth set in his expression.

"I won't abandon you. You know that." He shakes his head from side to side, slowly.

"But I won't abandon my family either. He killed Alec." The emphasis in his tone had Elizabeth's brow frowning inward.

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