[8] Happy Days

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Simeon Cobalt sits at a small desk, flipping through a stack of papers. The screeching sound of his door draws his gaze. I must remember to have that door fixed. His features begins to scrunch up in joy. The face of his granddaughter emerging, causing him to shift the loose papers to his left side of his desk.

"You wanted to speak with us, grandfather?"

A nod of his head, Brandon greets his superior. "Alpha."

"Yes. You two has been ranked first among your age group. Therefore, you two are to act as group leaders during the Hunt.*"

Brandon grins happily. Elizabeth only smiles. The fake smile is natural and convincing for her. Her thoughts begins to drift as her grandfather continues to talk about the future Hunt.

The fight was immature and unnecessary, Elizabeth knew, yet she couldn't help the excitement building within her. There was something about two men fighting over one girl that just made a girl feel special.

A smile slowly spreads across Elizabeth's face. The smile short-lived because of her grandfather's excitement.

"I'm glad you find this good news. You can announce your engagement during the Hunt."

"Engagement? Announce what?"

"This is great." Simeon stands up and walks around his desk. A grin on his face. He embraces Elizabeth and slaps Brandon on the back. "The pack will be in great hands with you two as our next ruling pair. "

"Ruling pair..wait what?"

"Yes, you and Brandon will be announcing your engagement before the Hunt."

"Me and Brandon?" A look of utter disbelief and confusion distorts her once calm demeanor. "No. I'm not mating with Brandon." She shakes her head no.

Simeon 's eyes darts to his granddaughter. "What's that?"

"Grandfather, I don't love Brandon." The sheer thought of mating with someone who she wasn't in love with is a thought that was impossible for Elizabeth to consider. She frowned upon that thought. "I won't mate with someone I don't love." Flirting and teasing guys is something of a past time, but bonding herself to someone she couldn't love is another. She could see the disappointment that rests in her grandfather's eyes, but his gaze didn't affect her. The same way her tone had not affected Simeon. She turns to Brandon. "After today, I don't think I want to mate with anyone."

Leaving Brandon behind in the office, the meeting concluded with an agreement that Elizabeth and Brandon would lead the Hunt. However, the conversation of her mating was far from over. Elizabeth paces toward the security of the forest. She spent the whole day sniffing around before she decided to do a little sightseeing.

"Gravitating toward me, Eli?" Elizabeth's eyes darts to her right to see Kane sitting down on a fallen log. His gaze intentionally meeting Elizabeth.

Why does it look like he has been waiting for me? Her gaze unintentionally drops to his chest, where his buttoned-down, orange shirt was partially open, revealing the gleam of a well toned chest beneath. With a soft sigh, she resumed her walk.

"Because of you, I was forced to break things off with Brandon."

Kane smiles and begins walking behind Elizabeth. "Isn't that a good thing?"

Frustration blocking out any filtering she had planned. Her thoughts plagued with memories of her meeting with her grandfather. "Wrong. Grandfather isn't going to give up on pairing me off with suitable partners, and I can't accept another because the one I want is forbidden to me." She grasps, recognized her mistake.

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