[7] Happy Days

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"We are soul mates. Elizabeth and I."

Brandon, whom had been staring at Kane, sneers: "I don't think so."

Elizabeth turns to Kane.

"Stop this, Kane." Her tone crisp with a silent threat.

"No." He retorts simply. His glance darting to the female before him.

"That's too bad." Brandon says. Baring his fangs, sharp and coated with a yellow tint, a growl erupts from deep within his throat. "I'll just have to beat you down like the weakling you are, just to prove to my future mate I'm better."

For a few moments, only the leaves of the forest trees sway to the gentle breeze, blowing from the north. All was quiet, except the low breathing of the two males, whose growls were slowing building in their chests. They stood there staring each other down, neither blinking a eye. Elizabeth's eyes flashes between the two, like the ball of a ping pong game. Her own mental guards alert and waiting for that one move that would begin the approaching war. Kane chuckles once. The laugh coming off as a 'ha' instead of a chuckle.

Kane makes the first move of a quick launch forward only to stop. Elizabeth had places herself in front of Kane's path, blocking his attack on Brandon.

"No, Kane!"

With one leap, Brandon jumps over the pair, lashing out at Kane, who had spins around, shoving Elizabeth, slightly roughly, with his right hand to the side-while he jumps back to avoid Brandon's right swing.

Kane dodges to his right, drawing Brandon's attention. As Kane moves backwards, avoiding Brandon's quick swings, he is backed into a tree. Smirking, Kane sticks his tongue out, taunting Brandon. Enrage Brandon swings once more. The swing stronger than the others. However, the attack misses, as Kane ducks to his left, causing the tree to receive the attack. A deep gash was imprinted into the tree trunk in the form of four scars.

Kane, in his dodging, ends up stumbling over an uprising tree root. He fell to the ground. His left arm preventing him from receiving most of the fall.

Brandon took the opening and swung toward Kane.

"KANE!!" Elizabeth's voice sounds loudly in Kane's ears. Seeing Brandon's attack, he rolls to his left, only missing Brandon's full swing.

In his movement, his mind thought back to a time where Kane was smaller. Brandon had always been one of the few who taunted and picked on him back in the days. Now, in this moment of time, Kane felt stronger. He knew he was stronger than Brandon just by reading the other's body language. Everything seemed too slow from his eyes. Brandon's swings and speed was like a black and white movie playing slowly.

Jumping onto his feet, he grips his right shoulder, where two cuts had been placed from one of Brandon's attacks. He growls threateningly. Brandon smirks, and walks toward Kane. Stopping within striking distance of Kane, he hunches over in preparation for one more attack.

"My blood is the only thing I'll allow you to take from me." Kane rubs a finger across the wound before bringing it to his lips-tasting his copper, thick blood. His gaze never leaving Brandon. "My mate-you won't get." He licks his bloody finger.

Brandon narrows his eyes and retorts: "We'll see." Growling, he swings his fist. Kane was quick to intercept. Pushing the fist away, he slashes toward Brandon's face. The hit missed. The close up fight was nothing more than punches and claws, sometimes growls.

Kane was quick to locate a opening in Brandon's steady attacks. As Brandon swings, he made his move.

Blocking his swing with his arms, he knocks Brandon's legs from under him and shoves him down. Quickly, before Brandon could move, he stomps his foot down on Brandon's neck. Pushing down against his windpipe, Kane bares his fangs.

"Stay down unless you want your neck broken." Kane glares down at the other.

Elizabeth, whom had been standing by watching, wore a look of annoyance. This was the way with male werewolves. Intimidation and their 'pointy' features were the only tools they used to get their way, she thought.

Making her way over to the two, Elizabeth grabs Kane's arm and pulls him off of Brandon. "You both need to stop this. Now." Her voice laces with the power of an alpha. She pushes Kane back knowing that he wouldn't go back at Brandon after she asked him to stop.

Brandon coughs a few times. He rubs his throat and sits up. He still glares at Kane from the corner of his eyes.

"No more fighting." Elizabeth's eyes shifts from them both. "Who I mate with is my choice. My choice alone and right now neither one of you are on that list." Her voice tight with anger. She gives Kane a final look, mentally willing Kane to calm down.

Brandon pulls himself up. Anger still ripples his frame, but he only stares at Elizabeth.

"I'm going back and Brandon-" She turns to face the bigger male. Grabbing his hand, she looks over her shoulder at Kane. "Brandon is coming with me." Her tone firm and set.

Kane glares at Elizabeth. To him, she was being difficult. Her act of dragging the other male behind her earn a warning growl from him, to which he knew she would ignore without hesitation.

"Come on." She tugs on Brandon's hand. Brandon reluctantly follows. Kane watches the pair walk off.

Dropping down, he sits on the ground to rest his body. "Once again, you run from my feelings, Eli. It doesn't matter. I won't stop chasing after you." He smiles a little. "But then you already know that."

Elizabeth and Brandon made their way back to the community. Along the way, Elizabeth manages to calm Brandon. Sweet talking was one skill she was glad to have under her belt.

The pair had been walking arm to arm when Toboe, a young black-haired male, approaches Elizabeth and Brandon.

He nods his head in respect to Elizabeth. "Alpha wants to see you both, Elizabeth."

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