[6] Happy Days

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"It's me, Eli." The familiar voice of Kane fills Elizabeth's ears. Instantly, she stops screaming, and Kane releases her from his hold. Halfway scared, she calm her throbbing heart rate. One look at Kane's smuggled face told her he had been amused about his little prank. She shoves him back, causing him to stumble back a few steps. A frown shows her dissatisfaction.

"Hey!" Kane's voice held an angry edge.

Elizabeth turns away from him. Just before she did however, he had manages to catch a gleam of fear in her eyes. She's really scared. Fear wasn't something an alpha-to-be shows very often. He closes his eyes as Elizabeth starts to head back in the direction of the pack. Feeling her inner spirit*, he reads her as he always had done, since they were thirteen years old. Fear of the unknown, concerns and wants floats into his own conscious. Opening his eyes, he fell into steps behind Elizabeth. His eyes set on her back momentarily.

"How is he--" Kane kept his gaze forward. "The kid."

Kane had been the only one who knew about Sebastian. The only one Elizabeth felt she could trust, and the only one she allowed to help her. "He's fine. Growing. You should stop by and see him sometime."

"No thanks. The brat doesn't need me around." Nor does he want me around, especially when you're my reason to be around.

"Kane?" Elizabeth slows her walking to a stop. Her voice strained. Her face troubled. Kane, in turn, stops. "I fear for him. Everyday he's growing, and everyday he's becoming curious about the world as any young his age does. But-"

"But he's not like any young one." He finished watching her twisting her lips in thought. Her eyes not daring to meet Kane's "Has he started showing signs?"

She shakes her head no. Folding her arms across her torso, gripping her sides, she shifts her gaze off to the side. "That's the thing. He hasn't shown any signs of being one of them. He likes to run and hunt-normal stuff."

Kane studies Elizabeth's for a few minutes. Knowing that she may not like what he was going to do next, but he felt she needed him right now. Stepping closer to her, he wraps his arms around her. The gesture surprising Elizabeth, but she didn't pull away. The feeling had been comforting, as if a friend would soothe another.

"I don't know how long I can protect him." She turns her face into his chest. Inhaling lightly, she is remind of how good he smelled to her. Misty rainwater-Kane's scent has always reminded her of that.

"You'll figure it out-you always do, Elizabeth. I know you will. And-" He strokes her blonde-black hair, which had been pinned up into a bun. Warm tingling sensations spread throughout his body, from their embrace, causing his wolf's eyes to close in content. "I'll be at your side, helping you with any silly request you command of me. "

"That's good to know. I'm glad I have a loyal slave." She bring her eyes up to meet Kane. A smile brightening her features.

Kane smiles in return. A playful growl rose low from his lips. Her smile had always made him happy, even when he was sad. "I'll be your loyal slave if that's what you want, but I'll rather be your mate." He nuzzles against Elizabeth's neck before pulling back to stare into her eyes. His eyes showing the seriousness he had last night.

Frowning, Elizabeth attempts to move from his embrace, only to meet his resistance. She sighs and pushes again only to have Kane loosen his hold, but not enough to release her.

"You still haven't answer my feelings out loud. Now is a perfect time."

"Must we really do this now?" Elizabeth rolls her eyes and her voice rises in pitch to match that of a rich human girl, whom was spoil rotten.

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