[4] Happy Days

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The waterfall wasn't one of those huge structures of falling water, such as the Niagara Falls. It was more like two, wide streams that pour over the rocky edge similar to the way of turning a bottle of water upside down. The colors of blue and white mixes together as the stream of water spills in a neat bundle into a oval pool at the bottom.

As Kane causally made his way over toward the bowl of water, Elizabeth arches a thin eyebrow. "Memories huh. Alright, I'll make the first one." Sprinting off, she charges toward Kane, a friendly maneuver she was sure her male friend would remember from ten years ago.

"And just what do you mean by that, Eliza-" Kane had just glanced over his shoulder, as Elizabeth shoves him forward. Stumbling like a new born fawn, Kane finds himself falling-chin forward, arms stretched, and bottom waving in the air as a splashing sound disrupts the silence of the forest.

Elizabeth's laughter fills Kane's ears just as he struggles to right himself. Through her laughter, she manage to say: "You may be faster than me, but I still wear the brains around here." Winking her right eye, she blows Kane an air kiss.

Frowning, Kane rubs the water from his face while gazing into Elizabeth's smiling face. The look of disbelief written all over his face. "You did not just do that." Deja vu reminded him of the same incident ten years ago.

It was the first time, Kane had met Elizabeth directly. Sure he had seen her around, and she was always this cocky, confident girl that seems to be unbreakable despite her young age. This one time, however, she was quietly crying near the edge of the water hole. Small tears ran down her face, watering the grass beneath her feet. She had been standing near a lake.

Back than, Kane remembers that he hated to see Elizabeth cry, despite that was his first time seeing her tears. Somehow, he remembered, walking up to her and started to laugh in her face. There wasn't a reason for his laughter except that he was laughing at nothing. Elizabeth, on the other, had taken his laughter as mocking her-the alpha's granddaughter. The next thing he knew was that she had pushed him into the water. She laughed at the top of her lungs, like she was doing now, Kane remembers. That day was the mark of their life long friendship, at least from Kane's viewpoint.

"Ooo, yes, I think I just did." Another fit of laughter had Elizabeth shearing a tear or two.

Annoyed with her laughter, Kane manages to get to his feet. With one sway of the hand, he splashes water into the air, toward Elizabeth. Once the water did it's job with soaking Elizabeth, Kane smirks boldly. "There. Payback has been received."

Covered in water, Elizabeth has taken a few steps back, gasping in shock. Resting her angered gaze on her friend, she already had a plan forming to get him back. Before long, she jumps in the water. Grabbing her side, she faked a crump. When Kane came closer, she shoves his head down into the water. Coming up, gasping for air, Kane coughs up the little water, and than he splashes Elizabeth with water. Screaming happily, she starts splashing him back, until he grabs her, causing them both to fall into the water. From there, they begin to splash each other again.

After declaring a tie, the two ran out of the bowl of water to dry land. Taking a seat on the grassy ground, both faces the sun to dry.

After catching their breath, Kane glances over at Elizabeth. Coming to a final conclusion on some inner decision, he states: "Brandon isn't your type."

Rolling her eyes once, she turns to her friend. Arching an eyebrow, she squeeze the water from her shoulder length hair. "Now you know my type, Kane?"

"Yep, I do. I'm the only one that knows what makes you happy." Falling back onto his back, he tucks his hand behind his head.

Uneasy, Elizabeth could feel the true meaning of his words in the back of her mind. She always had. He is the only one. Her inner self repeats his words over and over. Frowning, Elizabeth turns her head away from Kane. "Let's not head in this direction, please."

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