[3] Happy Days

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"You're way too slow, Elizabeth. If you don't run faster, I may overtake you." Kane Blackthorn taunts loud enough for Elizabeth to hear.

He can't be this fast. He never could beat me before. Elizabeth pushes her legs faster. Today is the finals that would decide the rankings among the adolescents. One of the finals being a full scale race around the whole forest on two legs. Elizabeth and Kane are the only two who had taken the lead, leaving a large gap between them and the others. This is always the way things were, since they was younger. The thought of their childhood victories comes easily to the front of her mind. She could hear her feet pounding against the uneven ground.

"Looks like Brandon really wants to catch up." Kane's voice calls again.

Glancing over her shoulder, Elizabeth spots Brandon farther back. Brandon, her current boyfriend, was a man feared by most of the boys due to his strong glare. Proud of her latest steal, a smile touches her lips, returning her gaze forward. Brandon had been easy to charm, at least for the granddaughter of the alpha.

"I'm his girlfriend. It's only natural for him to run beside me." Elizabeth manages to say. Running and talking wasn't as easy as Kane was making it seem. How was he doing this?

Feeling Kane presence beside her own, she glances over. At the same time, she felt his hand wrap around her wrist.

"Kane, what are-"

"We're playing hooky."

"We can't Kane. The finals?"

"Screw them. Our rankings have already been decided. We're doing something fun."

As they round a curve, Kane pulls Elizabeth off the course and into the bushes. From there, Kane leads Elizabeth farther away from the race. As he slows to a stop, he releases her wrist.

Bending over, Elizabeth pants heavily for a few minutes. "You've got to stop-" Between gulps of air, Elizabeth glance up at Kane. "Dragging me off and landing me in trouble. It isn't fair." She straightens herself. The look on her face was one that was glad to be done with the race.

"Don't make me laugh. You don't get in trouble. You start it." He retorts as he starts to walk ahead. His gaze signaling for her to follow. Falling into step just behind Kane, she finds herself admiring his face.

Messy, brown, shoulder-length hair gently hangs over a chiseled, anguished face that set him apart from every other male in the pack. Deep-set, amber eyes, set delicately within their sockets, that were shaped like ovals. Small scratches are spread delightfully across his cheeks leaving a beautiful memory of his fortunate survival.

This is the face of Kane Blackthorn, a true prodigy among others his age. He stands tall among others, despite his narrow frame.

There has always been something misleading about him, or at least it felt that way whenever he was around others. Elizabeth sighs low. The feeling changes, however, whenever he was alone with her. She long suspected the reason as to why. Kane had been her best friend after all. Love between them was doom to form.

"Tell me what you are thinking about, Eli."

She could smell water in the distance, but wonders where water would be, since the closest waterhole was about a mile from their home. "No. Tell me where we are going first, Kane. It better not bore me either. "Her eyes shifts to her right, in time to see a rodent scurry up a tree.

"The place is a place where I want to make another memory with Elizabeth."

Snapping her head back to Kane, Elizabeth frowns and stops walking. She arches her left eyebrow. "If you're trying to cause another memory like that. I'll hit you in an unpleasant place this time."

Last time, Kane had suggested this idea was when they were thirteen, and they had gone on a group date with friends to the movies. It was during the movie when Kane came up with the idea to sneak into the upper sitting area of the movies, since it was closed off on that night. Being young and unable to fully control their abilities, Kane had tossed his cup of soda over the edge in an attempt to hit a couple below with it, but had hit the security guard instead. Elizabeth, being good with speaking to people, was attempts to get them out of trouble, but the guard wasn't buying anything she said, so Kane trips the security guard, and they both ran for it.

"Shut up. I'm mature now. Besides, this time things will be a lot different." Just then, Kane pulls back huge leaves, revealing a small waterfall area.

"Mature as a baby monkey, yea." Elizabeth mutters with a hint of laughter in her voice. As the leaves were removed, a beautiful scene appears before her eyes."Beautiful! This is-How'd you find this place?"

"It came to me. Glad you like it." He walks ahead, smiling back at Elizabeth. "This place is where our memory will be made."

*****This chapter goes to MayFreighter for the lovely first cover she made for The Moon and Grim Reaper Trilogy. I love the cover dearly as you can see.*****

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