New Moon

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The era of Man and Beast.

Courage or fear. Good or bad. Strong or weak. Angel or demon. Friend or foe. One being will see the other as either or. Never as the same.

Will there ever be peace between the two..shall the sacred forest be purified. And the man and the beast shall love each other in harmony once more...

As the world wanted...


Fire. Nothing but fire could be seen within the night. Every thing was engulfed. Houses, stands, food, ...even people. Some were, some were not and were running away from scary looking creatures. The flames made everything else blurry to the eye.

This was what the little boy could see from a peaking hole through his dark blue eyes, sobbing quietly as he hid behind a wall with his black cat. He watched these creatures in horror as they were tearing his home apart. They looked like humans, but also like wolves. With canine ears and noses, sharp teeth and claws, fur across their backs, and tails.

The villagers were no match for them. These beasts were far more powerful. Far more fast. However...

...Some villagers were able to fight back.

They wore jackets with fur hoods and used weapons and traps to kill as many of the beasts as they could. These were the people with the most honor. The most hope and the most strength. These were hunters.

The little boy watched the two beings clash before him.

Until he heard a growl. Right behind him.

He turned around...and saw one of the beasts...right in front of him. An orange one with orange eyes that glowed so bright. It's fangs were showing. The boy and his cat were getting ready to face their deaths. This monster looked ready to kill.

But it didn't.

It stared at them.

And it left.

That was the boy's first encounter with a werewolf.


13 years later



A man with dark brown hair and brown eyes wearing a pastel blue, long sleeved shirt with black trousers was knocking endlessly on the wooden door of a cabin. Trying to bribe the owner of this property to come out, but no luck so far.

"Just for today! It'll be fun, I promise! We need another hunter besides Kenma with a talented use in a long distance weapon! You and your crossbow would be perfect for the job!"

No reply.

"Iwa-chan's coming too!"


"I'll pay for drinks afterwards!"



"GET OFF MY PROPERTY, OIKAWA!" Finally a voice was heard behind the door. But it wasn't happy. Clearly Tobio wanted Oikawa to leave him alone. It's already been an hour.

"Coooooome ooooooon Tobio-chaaaaaan. Don't you want to get the highest worship from the village? Wealth and riches! All the food and drinks your heart desires! No more needing to hunt mere rodents for necessities! No mo-" The wooden door opened up. A young man with dark blue eyes and black hair with a beige long sleeved shirt and dark brown trousers was standing with a shotgun pointed to Oikawa's forehead. Oikawa was not afraid. Surprised for sure from the sudden appearance, but not afraid. He let out a "yay~" to show how happy he was that Tobio came out though.

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