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Hey guys. This is my first here on Wattpad. I'm new to this, so yeah. Not with writing, but with this website... Wow great introduction.
Anyway my story will have some familiar Youtubers some gamers and some comedy Youtubers. Please don't suggest any more to me.
Hope you enjoy.

"... I will see you all tomorrow and as always," Felix Kjellburg pause, giving his fist a gentle kiss. " Stay awesome bros."He brofists the camera, stood up, and turned it off. He went back to his computer to save the game until he heard a ding from his computer. His eyebrows furrowed from the sound. Scouring his tabs he had opened up, he checked to see where it came from. He couldn't find the sourse.

He shugged. "Maybe it's just some stupid ad." He mumbled

A minute later, the ding happend again. He rechecked all his tabs, but nothing showed until a window popped up audimatically to an email sign-in screen. He stare at the screen, bewildered. Thinking his pug is on his lap, he glance down, searching for little black paws. He swivles on his chair and scan his room. "Edgar?" Felix calls. "Are you in here?"

A whine came from under the table and a little black pug scampers out. Felix picks up his pug and rise him up his reach his eye level. "Are you playing with the cables again?" But it doesn't make sense. How can anyone make a tab open just by stepping on cables? Suddenly, the computer dings again. It can't be it then.

The blond Swedish man put his pet down and turn to his computer, typing up his email and password. One new email. He opens it and read it out loud.

Dear Felix Kjellburg,

I would like to inform you that our gaming company is launching a new unique game. The game is now under development, but it should be finished by next week. But before launching, I would appriciate it if you would come over to the address below to assist on testing out its features before launching the final product. Since the vast majority of Youtube viewers watches lets-plays and you are the most subscribed Youtuber in the Youtube community, I would love to sponser our company. You tell your viewers about your positive feedback on our project and if that has a lot of players, we will reward you with a surprise. You won't regret it. We await your visit next Saturday. Thank you.

Sincerely, JD and Co.

The address is typed to the bottom of the email. Should he do it? Felix has been looking for new games to play for a while and he feels like he's been repetitively playing the same old games, even other versions of the same game. Yet, they are new, but objectives are the same. He did plan his videos out and it was packed this week, but he can try to make plans next week. Besides, he've never tested out a game before. It might be fun to experience something new and unique. Hopefully it will as story driven and emotional as Undertale, or as horror inducing as the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise. Whatever it might be, it will be a wild ride.

But he can't help but feel like there's something farfetched about all this...

One week later...

"How's it going bros. My name is Peeewdiepiiieeee! I've got bad news for you bros. I'm going to be gone for the weekend. I'm working on this secret project. I can't tell you what is it. Hell, I barely know what it's about. The information they gave me is very vague. So no new videos. I'm sorry. I did record some videos prior to this so don't worry."

After his message, Felix did his outro and give the camera a brofist. Then he went to pack up for his trip to the U.S.

After he got there, Felix got into an Uber to the address on the email. He opened the front door of the massive building and walk to the receptionist.

"Hello, how may I help you?" The woman behind the desk ask.

"Hi, I received this email from here a week ago to come to test a game project." He pull out his phone and show the woman the email. She read the email and looked up at Felix with a warm smile. She stood up and walked around her desk to him. "Right this way." They walked to the elevator and up to the third floor.

The elevator bell dings and the door opened. Like a creep, a man stood before the opening doors, anticipated for their arrival. A man in his mid-twenties has brown hair that is combed back and blue eyes. He looked familiar. He think he's seen him from somwhere before, but Felix couldn't quite figure it out. He kind of looked like a Youtuber, but not a gamer.

"Welcome, Felix. I'm John. Nice to see you in person." He held a hand out for a shake. He grabbed it to shake it.

"Hi, glad to be here. So where's this game I'm suppose to test out?" He let go of the man's hand and shove them into the pocket of his sweater.

"Oh yes. It's right over here. Thanks Erin"

The woman just nod and press the button down on the elevator.

Felix followed John to a small room to their left. The room is as big as a small bedroom, with a desk with a laptop and two chairs. He sat on a chair and looked at the screen at what he's playing. It shows six avatars in 8-bit pixels. Half of them looked like Youtubers he knew. And two of them are not technectly gamers, but has gaming channels.

One character has green hair, blue eyes, and has a shirt with a green eyeball in the middle.

Another has red hair with brown eyes with glasses, along with a red plaid shirt with a pink mustache in the middle.

The next one has black hair, brown eyes, with glasses, and has a black sweater with a green shirt that has an eighth note on it. There's also a green guitar on his back.

The one next to it has brown hair and eyes, and has a black shirt that has a green trophy on it.

One has no hair and has hazel eyes with a white shirt with a whale in the middle.

And the last avatar on the screen has brown hair and blue eyes with an white M on his blue shirt.

The game is like an RPG with a difficult maze. He doesn't see the uniqueness of this yet, but it's only been a few minutes.

"You've designed this?" Felix asked John. "Seems simplistic."

"Well, sort of. I didn't create it, but I contributed with the writing, the editing, and a bit of the art. Keep on playing. It gets better."

He doubted his words but keeps on playing anyway. And he was right. The game sparked his interest. There was more to it than RPG and mazes. Each level respesents some kind of movie or game. And the objectives are different for each.

"I don't know why... but I liked it." Felix said, without taking his eyes off the screen.

"Good to know..." John said with an evil grin on his face

How's the first chapter? Yeah, I know he's not a gamer but this is basically a fanfic. Anything can happen. I will upload the next  chapter soon so rate and comment See you guys soon.

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