Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

"How many of you bitches have played Laser Tag before?" Chloe's voice exploded as we walked into the very place of our initiation.

Yes! Excitement built up in me. How easy! This is how I learned how to shoot in the first place! Before bringing me into the actual firing range, Garret took me to lazer tag to learn how to aim and shoot a fake gun. Lazer tag is my zone! Hell yeah! I contained my excitement, my lips twitching into a cocky smirk. Most of the freshmen around me were dumbstruck, almost on the verge of shock.

Strolling casually ahead of them, I followed Chloe, who talked to one of the employees. Our destination: Sinister Stan's House of Horrors. Also know as a haunted house that takes the scariest scenes from horror movies and put them all into one place, creating a huge laser tag destination. I was ecstatic.

The dusty main foyer we were in was set-up to represent a dirty, dusty, abandoned warehouse. The furniture was painted to look rusted and bloodstained, made of metal. The walls and floors were a dirty white, smeared with fake blood and dirt. The lighting in the room came from the bowl shaped lamp hanging by a thread from the roof. Despite my intentions of not being nervous, the whole scene felt eerie. Whoever designed the interior of this place did a damn good job at it. Chloe, after handing the guy at the desk a wad of bills, turned around and smirked at us. The other sorority members collected the "vests" and "guns" for us.

When Amy handed me mine, I strapped it all on like a pro...which, technically, I am. Some of the girls watched me with awe as I held the gun in the way I learned to hold a sniper rifle. It was an automatic reaction. Again, they tried to mimic me. Again, they all failed.

"All right, girls, you have twenty minutes to make it out alive. Since this is initiation, highest difficulty will be put out there. Good luck and don't die. See you on the flip side, bitches!"

Then we began.

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