37. Abomination Sandwich

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          A smile grew on my face as I tilted my head up a bit and pressed a kiss on his lips. “Thank you,” I whispered, suddenly feeling better, my lips brushing against his, “I love you.”

          Harry placed his hands on my towel-covered waist, squeezing them slightly. “I love you, too,” he smiled back, dimples coming into view.

          “Now,” I say, my hands on his chest as I begin to push him out. “Get out so I can change.”

          A smirk makes its way on to Harry’s face. “Or I could stay in here and watch you,” he says cheekily.

          “As tempting as that sounds,” I reflect his smirk once he’s all the way out of the bathroom. “It’s gonna be a no,” I add before shutting the bathroom door in his face.

          As I pull on my shorts, I heard Harry’s voice through the door, “Nice Simon Cowell impression!”

          I laugh, wearing my white tank top over my bra. “I try.”

          Once I put on my pink and blue plaid shirt over the tank top, and leave the buttons open, I walk out of the bathroom to find Harry sitting on the edge of the bed. I watch him staring down on the floor at his feet, his lips tilted downward into a frown.

          “What’s wrong?” I ask him as I finish drying my hair with the towel before hanging it on the back of one of the chairs.

          “You’re leaving tomorrow,” Harry says, lifting his head as his eyes meet mine.

          I pull my bottom lip into my mouth as I walk over to him, before swinging my legs and sitting on his lap, straddling him. Harry didn’t seem to mind, his arms sliding around my waist naturally as he hugs me close to him, his eyes shutting as he rests his forehead against my collarbones.

          My hands went to his shoulders as I rested my chin on the top of his head, his curls tickling my neck. “I know,” I sighed, kissing the top of his head. “But hey, just a few more weeks and then you’re done with the North American part of the tour. Then you come back home.”

          Harry lifts his head to look up at me, my hands on either napes of his neck. “You’re right,” he says, a breathtaking smile on his face.

          I chuckle. “Aren’t I always?”

          Harry rolls his green eyes and I look down at him so our noses are touching. “I love you,” he whispers, his minty breath fanning my face.

          Every time he says that, my heart does some weird sort of flip. It’s weird, but I love hearing those words come from his mouth. “I love you,” I repeat, before he captures my lips in a kiss.

          Harry sighs through his nose as he kisses me, his tongue tracing my bottom lip before he deepens the kiss. He then pulls me towards him as he falls on his back on the bed, so I’m on top of him. As we kissed, Harry’s hands slid down to the back of my shorts, and I felt him place his hands in the back pockets of my shorts.

          My own hands went to his hair, gripping his curls in my hands. But of course, a knock on the door interrupted us. “Harry,” Paul’s rough voice called.

          Harry and I pulled apart as he groaned, squeezing his eyes shut. “Yeah?” he calls back, clearly annoyed.

          I chuckled quietly, sitting up on his lower torso as my fingers play with the buttons of his shirt. “It’s time to leave for sound check,” Paul replies.

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