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How swaggy


Kelsey’s POV:

          My flight back to London was tomorrow at noon, so I only had today left with the boys. We were in Dallas, Texas right now, and it was extremely hot. It was the middle of summer, obviously, so naturally it was really hot.

          I had just stepped out of the shower, a towel wrapped around my wet body as my wet hair let droplets of water fall to the ground. Stepping in front of the mirror, I looked at my reflection, letting out a sigh.

          My hand reached up, my fingers dancing along the skin of my face. I was too pale, my blue eyes were too big, my forehead’s too big and my eyelashes were too short. The longer I stood there, the more I picked out what I considered my flaws. I sometimes found myself doing that; staring at my reflection as I grew to hate myself more and more as each second went by.

          The bathroom door was already a bit open, because just in case Harry wanted to use it, he didn’t have to wait for me to leave. But as I stood staring at myself, the door opened and there stood Harry, looking at me in confusion.

          “Kelsey?” he furrows his eyebrows, “You okay?”

          I look at him from the mirror, his hand on the doorknob as he stares at me, waiting for an answer. “Y-Yeah,” I found myself stuttering, thanking God that I had tied the towel around my body tightly. “I’m okay.”

          Harry quirked an eyebrow, standing straight. “Then how come you don’t sound it?” he questions as he takes a step into the bathroom. “Come on, tell me; what’s wrong, love?”      

          I shrug, grabbing my clothes that rested on the towel rack. “Nothing,” I said. “Now get out, I need to change,” I add tonelessly.

          He stares at me, slightly taken aback at the edge on my voice. But instead of listening to me, Harry walks inside the bathroom before stepping right in front of me. His green eyes searched my face for what seemed like forever, and his hands reached up to cup my face, the cool metal of the rings on his fingers coming in contact with my skin.

          “You expect me to believe that?” Harry asks, an amused smile playing on his lips as his forehead rests against mine. “Tell me, Kelsey.”

          I shrugged once again. “Oh, you know,” I sighed, “just looking at the mirror and cringing at what I see,” I joked.

          Harry’s eyes darkened at my words, the light shade of green losing its usual joyfulness. “Stop,” he spoke, his voice scarily low. “Don’t think that way, please. You’re unbelievably perfect, Kelsey. Don’t think so otherwise.”

          I was surprised at the seriousness that was put into his voice; I didn’t think he’d take my statement so seriously. “Harry, I –”

          “I mean it, Kelsey,” Harry cut me off. “I don’t want you hating yourself when I’m here loving every piece of you.”

          I bit my bottom lip, feeling overwhelmed by his words. Harry – no matter what the media had made him out to be – was a class-A sweetheart. He always made everyone around him feel better, and that’s something I most definitely admired about him.

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