1. My first school day

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"LUCI !!!" I heard my mom scream 7 at the morning.

It's Monday and I must get used to it. My summer break ended today. I didn't do anything this summer I just stayed at home, i'm not saying that I stayed at home in months but I mostly was at home doing literally nothing. Of course I spend some time with my friends, well I have two friends that i've known since I was a fetus, we can be ourselves around each other. We've done so many crazy and weird stuffs with each other that I will remember in my whole life. We aren't those girls who goes to parties and do drugs or drinks or anything similar to that. We are basically 3 normal girls with some weird memories.

I live with my mom, dad and my younger sister who's 3 years younger than me and i'm 16. She goes to the same school as me. The school is around 10 minutes away from where I live so I usually walk to school.

I took a quick look at my clock, it was 7:10 in the morning. I jumped out from my bed heading off to the shower as I usually do every morning since years ago.

I put on some clothes, high waisted black jeans with a white crop top, my mom bought the white crop top from Italy this summer when she was there with some friends from her work. I really love it

I applied some foundation, powder, mascara, eyeliner and some rouge as I usually do. I only put a bit of it on my face, it's not like i'm caking my face in makeup. I've got a tan so I had to put a bit more rouge than I usually do so you could at least see it.

After I was done with my makeup I started to brush my middle long brown hair that was in a lighter shade than my eyes. My eyes got a bit of red in it, it's a mix between red and brown and it's very odd but I think it's cool.

I went downstairs to brush my teeth's. After i've done that I put my white low converse on and grabbed an apple on my way out.

I was waiting for my friends, Amy and Haley to get done so we could head down to school.

They both came out within 5 minutes. I took a deep breath and we started to make our way down to school.

Let's see how this day turns out.

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