Lunch Break

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                I made my way back to the couch and turned on the TV.

                Stressful day.

                Baking would make it better.

                You told Erica you wouldn’t.

                Yeah. Besides, bending over to get in the oven would probably hurt.

                I sighed heavily, and after about half an hour I found myself dozing off.

                There was again another knock on the door and I groaned.


                No, she left a while ago, she wouldn’t come back so soon.

                Maybe if I leave it, it will go away.

                More knocking.

                Maybe not.

                I sighed and stood up, making my way to the door. I didn’t even look through the peep hole, I didn’t care who was out there, it’s not like today could get worse.

                I opened the door and it seemed like everything was right again.

                Erica was standing there, the sun lighting up her hair and those bright green eyes staring at me and this big grin. “Hey there. I brought you some hot chocolate, since you don’t like coffee and all.” She held a Starbucks cup out to me.

                I took the cup and set it aside before pulling her into my arms. I let my cheek rest against her hair and breathed in deeply. She smelled like…Erica. “You’re not supposed to be here.” I murmured to her.

                “Don’t sound so ungrateful.” I could hear the smile on her lips. She was warm. I liked that about her.

                “I’m not. I’m just saying that you should be at school.”

                “I’m here for lunch.” She kissed my cheek and slipped past me into the little house.

                I smiled and followed her into the living room, grabbing my hot chocolate as I went. “So, what’s for lunch?”

                “I dunno. We’ll figure it out later. Come here.” She was sitting on the couch and holding her hand out to me.

                I squeezed her hand and sat down beside her, leaning against the arm. She laid down and took my arm, looping it around her waist.

                I’m not sure how long we lay there, me holding her against me like that. I think she was beginning to doze off too.

                I kissed the back of her neck and quietly said, “I can make you something to eat on the way back to school.”

                “I’m not going back.” She mumbled, her fingers toying with mine.

                “You have to go to school.”

                “I went to the first half. Let’s stay here. Just for the rest of the day. I didn’t want to go in the first place. You’re hurt and I didn’t have lunch. And people keep asking me about you. You’re all they talked about today. My girlfriend is famous.” She kissed the back of my hand and brought it back down to her stomach.

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