Dear Diary of Mine... [My Public Diary] December 21, 2009

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Dear Diary of Mine...... [My Public Diary]

December 21, 2009



Dear Diary,


Well, hello buddy!

I'm here again!

It's not that exiting for my presence, but if you don't like it, then LEAVE!

Being a little mean?

No! I just felt like it.

Anyways back to today (yesterday).

Mom went to school to get our Report Cards, I did well, I'm in the Honor Roll, it's an usual for me.

Do you want to look at my grades?

Anyways I'll show them to you.

Math: 94

Grammar: 94

Spanish: 94

Science: 81

Honduran Soc. Studies: 78

Geography: 84

Civics: 94

Home Economics: 91

Art: 85

Music: 100

P.E.: 90

Computer: 97

Well, as you may seem, I think my grades aren't that good at all, yeah, I could of done better, but whatever!

Math, I was being a little lazy on, I'm actually surprised I didn't get a 70 or something.

Grammar, I'm fine with it, I'm pretty good in it, so yeah.

Spanish, also surprised, but I did follow all my course work, so I'm good.

Science, I would have expedited higher, but it might be because of a quiz that I got that grade, so I blame me.

H.S.S., I don't know what to say on this one, but it's my fault, I sometimes don't finish my work in time, so there goes the truth.

Geo., Um, I don't know what to say, so I blame me here too.

Civics, I'm lucky I got that, my teacher doesn't even KNOW my name, and I've been with her for almost two years, come on!

H.E., I like this grade, no complaining, even though I was being a little lazy, but I did well.

Art, I blame all of this to the TEACHER, yes the 'teacher', it's all her fault, her and her weirdness, that stupid test killed me!

Music, I love the teacher, I did the exam when I didn't even need to, but whatever, she' my fav teacher!

P.E., I earned that grade, do you hear, I and to actually 'sweet' and boy' was it horrible, I'm the what do you call it in soccer, the goalie, yes and apparently, I'm actually pretty good, maybe I'll enter the soccer team next year. First time ever!

Computer, no complains, because I thought I was gong to get a lower grade, for all the computer buzzing dead on me incidents, so I'm okay with it.

I don't dislike all of my grades, but I don't like them all either, but it's all worth it, I'm done over second quarter, of I got to third!

Okay, after the grades, I was pretty cheerful, I read some stuff on wattpad, that I was asked to, I was very glad to do it, and I did.

Shoutouts! To the wonderful stuff I read:

Confessions of my Dead Mother.

My Curiosity got me to meet a Zombie.

New guy is a jerk and I'm his buddy

I Get It, I'm FAT! Now Leave Me Alone! -

I shot a deer. A vampire smelled it. I was token

Yeah, so after that, I was pretty glad about the point that I didn't get writers block, and got to continue more my Sunshine story, I'm so proud of me, and I'm also very glad for the new comments and fans!

I love my fans! And new fans, too!

Wants some love, fan me, right now! (:

Today went by fine, until my baby (Computer) was taken from me, I had to give it to my sister Clara, because she wanted to 'use it', and she convinced mom, because well...I do use it almost EVERY day, but it's just because I love my computer, I think I'd die without it.

Well, obviously I debated the trade, but I sorely LOST!

Ugh1 God I hate that kid.

Stacy was being as hilarious as ever, she's one year younger, Carla is two years.

I went all lonely geezer, and stayed locked in my room, planning...

Are you thinking, what I'm thinking?

I think not!

But nice try. (=

I was thinking, well Was, as for past tense.

That I should rewrite my plot for my stories, well the three that I'm doing now, Miss. Innocent hasn't been planned yet.

I have everything sorted, I had already, but 'someone', not naming name *cough*My Aunt, threw away all my plans, so I pretty much had to recall what I had, but differently, I still have to think the restarting version for Miss. Innocent, I think I'll do it anytime tomorrow (today).

My uncle sent some pictures to my e-mail, about the trips he had on the US, I seriously felt a little jealous, but pictures are enough, not really, but it was the best look at snow, in my whole short time of living.

Well, cha' cha' guys.

I'm heading to bed now, really tired, Do you know what time it is?!

It's one in the freaking morning!!!

I'm so sicked, yaya!!

I stayed up late, but this isn't really late, late is not falling asleep at all for me.

Wow! really?


Well, dear diary of mine, I salute you, and head back to dreamy dream land, hope I don't dream something creepy!


Lola Bells of Hollow

///I know it's a cheesy song, but I just had to add it, i seriously would of wanted her to win, but oh well....///

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