"Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome."

- Booker T. Washington

Candice POV

Last night had been pretty wild. I think we kept going until way past midnight. To our defense, we were young and hot for each other; we had both been holding our sexual urges from each other for quite some time now so we were sure to make up for lost time now. After our time in the shower Eric was still randy and couldn't keep his hands and lips off me which resulted in us ending up in our bed for another round of hot and steamy sex that I was sure Lauren would have some comments on, let just say we weren't that quiet but in my defense, when you're having sex with Eric, it's impossible not to be laud, he is that good.

I woke up naked under the sheets, Erics arm draped around me. I smiled at the thought of us together. How could I be so lucky to have found such an amazing man? Yes he was scary at times and he had a tough demeanor around others but to me he was just Eric and he was just the way I wanted him to be, tough on the outside, loving and caring on the inside. I didn't need the perfect guy, or as they call it "the perfect son-in-law". No I didn't want that at all, if I had wanted that I would have gone for Four or Lip. I wanted Eric, we belong together. We were like two broken souls put together. Neither of us had have a very great childhood, but that didn't break us. We rose above, and I think our tattered past had made us stronger.

I was still a little sleepy when loud banging came from the front door. Eric groaned beside me and turned to me, his eyes opened with a frown.

"Who the fuck is banging on the door this early?"

"I don't know, do you want me to go check?"

"No stay here, I'll go." Eric groaned once again as he banging continued and threw off the sheets before standing up to stretch out his body. I watched his naked back from where I was lying, admiring his naked figure, smiling inside as I realized that he was all mine. ­­­­

The banging continued and I could sense Eric getting more agitated by the minute. He putted on a pair of pants before turning around and walked over towards me.

"I'll be right back." He said, kissing my head before exiting the bedroom. I laid back in the bed, trying to listen on who had interrupted our sleeping.

"All night? You were up all night fucking the brains out of each other. Did you for once think about anyone else? Did you for once think that there where others trying to get some sleep? No. Because all you two can think about is how much you want to fuck the other." Laurens voice could be heard from the other room. I rose from the bed and put on some underwear and one of Eric's t-shirts before going to join the conversation, or yelling.

"Oh Candice, how nice of you to join us, had fun last night? Because it sounded like you did. I get that Eric is a God in bed but does the whole freaking world need to know about it? And no I'm not jealous Eric. I may not have a guy in my life but I'm doing just fine on my own. However, I would be thankful if you could just tone it down a bit. I'm exhausted, not in the same way you must be after your night, but because you guys kept me awake. Now I have to go to work, not just extremely tired but with a killer headache, so thank you, thank you so much for ruining my day."

"We are sorry Lauren. I guess we got a little bit carried away and..."

"Don't apologize for having a sex life Candice. I'm only asking of you to minimize your lovemaking. Meaning, don't do it all night long."

"We'll keep that in mind. Now are we finished here?" Eric asked.

"Not quite yet. I know I can't stop you guys from fooling around so here, you are going to need this unless you want a little mini Eric running around." Lauren hands me a little box of sort with pills in it.

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