Chapter: #7

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Hiya! I'm always dissapearing, aren't I? And I always write these ANs before I write up the chapter so right now I have no idea what this one's going to be like. I just go with the flow, ya know? <----Heh, that rhymed^^ hey, I'm told I'm a really good Poet, bet ya didn't know it-! Pfft. What is wrong with me??
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The cervitaur and hunter shared a look before both sighed.

"It's a long story.."


Afterward, when Will and Dipper finished explaining to Mabel what went down in the forest, she understood. Which they were greatful for. The cervitaur asked her if she could tell Grunkle Stan what happened while himself and the hunter went upstairs to rest for a while. None surprisingly, they were both really tired.

During their conversation in the kitchen, William blurted out that he needed a place to stay. And Mabel, being the kind person she is, excitedly told him he could stay as long as he wanted. They all agreed (not including Dipper) that the hunter could room with the cervitaur. Since the incident, Mabel hasn't been able to get up the stairs, so she's been staying in an extra room downstairs. Luckily, her old bed was still in the attic. She said Will could use it.

Unhappy that he had to share his room, Dipper grumbled supposed threats under his breath as he lead William to the staircase, greeting Grunkle Stan as they walked by the living room, they only received a grunt, once again, from the old gargoyle. He didn't think they were even worth a glance as Stan's eyes were glued to the TV screen, trying not to fall asleep, wanting to watch a special episode of "Duck Detective". You see, Grunkle Stan mostly sleeps during the day, but can sometimes keep himself aware enough to watch a bit of TV.

Dipper has to admit, he is kind of intimidated by his Grunkle, with those big claws and all. The gargoyle tries to hide it, but they all know what he eats, and that frightens the poor cervitaur even more.

When they reached the room, the door was already wide open. As Dipper shut the door behind them, William took the time to take in the space around him.

There were two beds, both looking like they haven't been slept in for a while, on opposite sides of the room. Judging by the pile of sheets and blankets on the floor in front of the foot of the left bed, he guessed that's where Dipper slept. Will didn't find it weird at all- with half a deer body, it'd be hard to get into a bed, right?- there were night stands by both beds, with a window also between them. A strange big triangle of some sort was engraved in it. For some unknown reason, that sign looked familiar to Will. Like he's seen it somewhere before. He couldn't quite place it so he shoved it into the back of his mind for later.

"You dont have to just sleep in Mabel's old bed, you can sleep in whichever bed you'd like, considering both are empty." This snapped William right out of his thoughts, forcing him to pay full attention to the cervitaur. It looks like he's put aside his bad mood for now.

When they made eye contact, Dipper smiled and William thought it was the most beautiful smile he's ever seen. It was a small smile, eyes closed and slight blush dusting the cervitaur's soft features. This was when Will decided, from now on, he'll try to make Dipper smile every chance he gets. This smile, he thought, will forever be engraved in his mind.

He must have been staring, because the cervitaur raised his brows high, and his gorgeous smile turned into that of a grin. "What are you staring at?"

The hunter saw an opportunity, and he grabbed it. "Something beautiful.~" He murmured, just loud enough for the cervitaur to catch.

Dipper only had enough time for his ears to perk up and eyes to widen before he felt hands slightly larger then his own cupping his face. [Just to clarify, even though Dipper is a cervitaur, William is still almost half a head taller] He found himself looking up into those bright yellow eyes. He still found that trait strange- he's surprised Mabel didn't question it.

William locked gazes with the cervitaur and couldn't help but stare into those wide baby blues presented in front of him. Leaning in, he whispered, "Have I ever told have beautiful eyes?" His hands moving of their own accord, tugged gently on Dipper's shoulders to get him closer.

"Ya know, I could really go for..."

That's all the hunter got out before the smaller of them sqeaked loudly and went limp. William almost didn't catch the cervitaur and lowered them slowly to the ground. Looking down, Will was a little disappointed.

Dipper had fainted.

I know! I was thinking- isn't it too soon? But then I was like: nah, the readers probably want me to actually start some real Billdip in here, anyway. Sorry there was barely any Grunkle Stan in this chapter. But, I do have a good idea to get him into the story next chapter. I also sincerely apologize for all who have been waiting for so long.
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