Chapter 17: Early Christmas presents

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" I wanted this to be a surprise" he stated. " but I think Jaylie can go home for Christmas. "

Justin's POV:
I stared at Dr. Jones. I took me a minute to figure out what was going on. I still was processing what had happened so Dr. Jones was concerned. " Justin?" He asked . I looked up and smiled.
" we should go tell Jaylie." I said.
We walked out of the room together and went to go find Jaylie and Taylor. I found them in the Lobby drinking Starbucks. I walked over. "Jaylie" I started. She looked at me. " we have an announcement."
I took a deep breath.
" You can go home for Christmas." I said happily.
Jaylie smiled and stood up. "YAY" she cheered.

So we went and packed up her things and put everything in the car.
I bucked Jaylie up in her car seat while she got on Instagram and took a picture.
My phone dinged meaning she sent it.  I pulled out my phone still looking at the road.  I looked at her picture of course she was making the Zoolander face.😯.
I laughed.
I put my phone away and took the exit.
" daddy?" Jaylie asked.
" hm?"
" you took the exit. That's not the way way home silly daddy"
" I know" I said. " we aren't going home yet."
"Oh" said Jaylie.
It was quiet for a minute.
" daddy?" Said Jaylie.
"What ?" I said.
" where are we going?"
" you'll see."
" Ughhhh we have to wait." She said.
" Patience" I said tracing my tattoo that said patience on my neck.
We drove for another hour or so.
I saw that Jaylie had her headphones in.
" whatcha listening to?" I asked.
" Life is worth living" she said.
I nodded.
Jaylie started singing.
" Life is worth living so live another day. The meaning -"
I joined in.
" of forgiveness people make mistakes only God can judge me"
We sing until the end.
We pulled up to the court house.
" where are we daddy?" asked Jaylie.
" you'll see."  I said.
There was a nice lady named Gina. There was no one else in here so we got right in.
"So what do we have here?" She asked. 
I whispered in her ear.
She nodded and smiled at Jaylie as she walked away.
" ready for your early Christmas Present?" I said.
Confused, Jaylie nodded.
Gina walked back over with a big stack of papers. She handed them to me as well as a pen.
Jaylie found a book but I could tell she was having a lot of trouble with reading it.  I filled out all the paperwork in about and hour. I put it on the front desk and Gina looked over it. I looked at her and she nodded. "Jaylie" I said as she looked up and walked over. Her boot clanking on the ground as she walked. The little pieces of hair she had left on her head flopping around.
I nodded at Gina.
" Congratulations Justin and Jaylie."
I held Jaylie's hand and picked her up like a little baby.
" Jaylie?"  Gina asked.
She looked at Gina.
" You are now officially a Bieber."
She looked at me.
" Y-You adopted me?" She said as her eyes brimmed with tears of joy."
I nodded.
" that's why we're here." I said.
" I Love you daddy. "
" I love you too baby."

This was the best Christmas ever.

So are you guys liking this?

I'm almost home.

Bye guys



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