You never noticed

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I'm the person you wave at on the street

The person you never think twice about

The person you never see coming

The person you forgot about

I'm the shadows

Now you see me

Soon you won't

My name is Alizabeth Shadow Atlas

I have shoulder length black hair and violet eyes.

My family is dead, well, all but my brother J Daniel Atlas, yes I know 1/4 of the four horsemen.

But does he know I exist?NO!

He thinks I died in a house fire 10 years ago.

But he's going to wake up soon 'cause shriker's son agent Rhodes has sent me my tarot card, I am now the clever warrior.

Danny got a letter too it says "the warrior will be coming to you." he's going to freak when he realizes I'm not dead, I'm the one in the shadows, and I'm the warrior.


*at the horsemen's apartment 1 year after there bank heist*


The door opens to reveal Henley

"Hello, who are you?"-Henley

"Hi I'm Ali I got a card telling me to come here?"-Ali

"Oh, you must be the warrior, I'm Henley by the way."-Henley

"Yeah it does say the clever warrior on it."-Ali

"Oh, gosh where are my manners come in, come in.BOYS! The warrior is here!"-Henley

*They all come running in*

"WOW your HOT!"-Jack


"I'm J Daniel Atlas but you can call me Danny."-Danny

*Ali smiles weakly which was only noticed by Merritt*

"I'm sensing a troubled past with Danny here, Am I right?"-Merritt

"Merritt give it a rest your going to scare the poor girl away!"-Henley

"Umm, it's ok he was kinda right in a small way."-Ali

"He was!"-Danny

"Yeah, it's nothing I want to talk about now though Maybe later."-Ali

"Umm, ok I guess but you will tell promise, we don't like to keep things from each other."-Henley

"I promise."-Ali

"Ummm, do you guys know where the nearest boxing ring is?"- Ali

"It's right around the corner, do you want me to show you?"- jack

"Yes please."-Ali


*after the boxing ring*

*jack and Ali enter the apartment to a very enraged Danny and an interested Merritt*

"What took you so long?"- Danny

"Training took longer than expected.''-Ali

"Training?"- Danny

"Yeah, I'm trying to become professional."-Ali

"Really? is that what you two were doing?"-Merritt

"Yes that's what we were doing and if you don't think so then let's go a few rounds."- Ali said getting angry

" I think I'll take your word for it."-Merritt

- hey all you amazing people who've been reading my story I might be taking this story down unless I get 10 votes or some very convincing comments

- hugs too everyone

- the raven


The death of us

"Hey guys...."-Ali

*They all come in*

"Yes Ali."- Danny

"Ok so I've hacked into art's bank account and other important records and I found he's withdrew over 20,000$ and has been looking at different hitmen."-Ali

"'s that affect us?"- Jack

"Well his notes say different ways to get rid of us. :'(" - Ali

"So anyone got a plan?" - Jack

"Actually I do, first you guys take our money and buy airplane tickets to Siberia, then buy a home and ill call you when I take care of the hitmen."


"Ummm, no."- Danny

"Why not I'm more experienced than all of you guys put together plus jacks been teaching my how to throw cards."

- Ali

"You're only 16."-Danny

"So is jack."-Ali

"No, and that's final."-Danny

"Well, your not my father so I can do what I want!"- Ali

"You can stay under one you tell us your secret."- Danny

"WHAT THAT'S NOT FAIR... I'll tell you when it's all over."-Ali

"Danny take that offer its the closest we've been to knowing why she was sent to us."-Henley

"Tell us now or we make jack stay with you."-Danny

"Ugh fine, so Danny you remember the house fire that killed your family 10 years ago?" -Ali

"Uhhh yeah... but what's that got to do with you?"-Danny

"Danny, I'm your sister."-Ali

"No no no that's impossible she died in that fire."-Danny

* in a small voice*

" No I didn't, I was in the back yard when it happened."-Ali

"Well if you are her awnser me this what was the theme of my 12 birthday party?"-Danny

"Hello kitty."-Ali

"So it is you."-Danny

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