Prolog: Alien Invasion.

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Oh boy. Here we go!

"(Y/N)! GO GET YOUR BROTHER FROM SCHOOL AND HURRY!!" I heard my mom tell with fear as she threw me my keys. I caught them and dashed out the door. I dashed to the garage and hopped into my old beat up pick-up truck. I started the ignition and bolted out of the garage.

I dodged running pedestrians and strange pink lasers as I drove to
(l/b/n)'s school. I jumped out of the car and dashed into the school.
"(L/B/N)!!" I shouted as I ran down the hallways of the seemingly abandoned school. "(Y/N)!" I heard my named being called from the janitor's closet. I threw open the door. There I saw my 8 year old brother curled up in a ball covering his ears and tears streaming down his cheeks. I lift him up and carried him as I ran back to the pick-up. I quickly buckled him in the front seat and got in myself and buckled up. "Hold on. We're going to go fast." I said as I slammed my foot on the gas.

We soon arrived back home. I left the truck running as I carried (l/b/n) into the house. "Mom! Where are you?! I've got (l/b/n)! Let's get outta here!" I yelled. Mom came running down the stairs with some things packed in a few bags. "Did you get my bow?" I asked. Mom shook her head. I dashed up the stairs and grabbed my bow and quiver filled with arrows. I dashed back downstairs and grabbed (l/b/n) and ran to the truck.

As I buckled him in and Mom put the bags in the back seat, I saw a group of mutated people walking towards us. My eyes widened with fear. I acted on instinct as I took out a few explosive tipped arrows, (they were basically regular arrows but with firecrackers glued to the tips.) lit the arrows and fired a few at the monsters. Some stumbled back while others trudged forward to us. I shot more arrows, but my attempts to drive them off backfired as some lurched forward and ran at us. Mom grabbed my face and made me look at her. "(Y/n), listen to me. Go to your grandfather's estate north of here and stay there until this invasion is over. Take care of your brother for me." she said tears forming in her eyes. I knew what she was planing to do. And I know for a fact that no amount of convincing on earth will stop her. I hugged her tightly and cried silently. "I love you Mom." I whisper. "I love you too. Now go. And don't look back" she said as she pushed me into the car. I said 'I love you' in sign language and she returned the sign before she ran at the beasts as we drove away.

"What about Mommy? We can't just leave her!" (l/b/n) asked with good sweet little eyes wide with worry.

I smiled as best I could. "Don't worry buddy. She'll be fine. She just has to fight off the monsters so we can go to grandpa's old house. Remember that place?" I asked. His little face lit up as I mentioned the farm.

"We get to go there? Really?!" (l/b/n) said happily. I chuckled at his enthusiasm. We weren't city folk much. We were more like farmers and preferred wide open spaces than cramped cities. But sadly, Mom had a better job opportunity in New York. So we had to move.

I'm (Y/n) (L/n). I'm 16 years old with a little brother named (l/b/n) (l/n). Our father disappeared from our lives before my brother was born. He didn't ditch us, it's just that he went to work one day, promising to be home for dinner, and he never came back. The cops in this town didn't even try to look for him. So it was just us three until today. Now it's down to two.

How could this happen? Why couldn't this have been just a normal day like always? I thought as I remembered this morning's events.

Cue flashback.

I woke up from the alarm clock on my bedside table and turned off the alarm tiredly. I got out of bed and got dressed in a (f/c) t-shirt and some faded jeans. I put my (h/l) (h/c) in a pony tail. (if y'all have short hair, just go with it.) I went to my brother's room and quietly snuck in. I watched my little brother sleep for a few minutes before gently waking him up. "(l/b/n) it's time to get up for school." I said softly. The small boy just groaned a 'go away' before pulling the covers over his head.

I giggled. "Fine. You asked for it." I said as I tore off the blankets, lifted up his shirt, and blew raspberries on his stomach. (L/b/n) bursted into adorable laughter. He squealed and kicked as he tried to escape from the tickle torture. "That's what you get for not waking up for school!" I said as I ran out of the room before the little monster could tackle me to the ground. "Guys! Guys. Calm down. Pancakes are in the kitchen." mom said nodding her head towards the kitchen. I shoved (l/b/n) to the side a little and ran into the kitchen. I made (l/b/n) and I a plate full of pancakes and we ate them fast.
(l/b/n) got dressed and ready for school. The bus came to pick him up for school. Mom gave him a kiss and I gave him a noggie as he ran out the door. As the bus drove off, I had a feeling that something was going to happen. And it wasn't good.

After the bus left, Mom turned on the television and the news came on.

"Breaking news. The city of New York is being invaded from aliens from outer space! Authorities urge residents to stay indoors. If possible, residents are urged to evacuate the city. There is panic in the city as monsters attach and.... Wha? AAAAA!!" Carlos Chang O'Brien screamed on the television As he was attacked by a monster creature that was pink and seemed to have white warts all over it's wormy body.

Mom and I stared in shock at each other for a few seconds. "Pack the bags." we both said in unison before running to pack our bags.

Flashback over.

As I drove farther and farther away from the city, tears trickled down my cheeks. I should have gone with her. I should have helped her. What kind of daughter am I? Thoughts like these filled my mind as I drove. Then another thought came. Don't beat yourself up for this. It isn't your fault. Mom wanted you safe. You have to be strong for your brother. My tears lessened at the thought. I quickly checked the mirrors out of habit and in the rear view mirror, I saw a van that looked like a 1960's hippie van. Through the windows, I saw a teen dressed in black with a girl with bright red hair leaning on his shoulder.

There's some more smart people like us. But what is up with that van? It's so bizarre! Sheesh. I think grandpa rode in one of those in his collage days.

"That car looks funny." (l/b/n) said pointing at the van. I laughed at his silliness. "I know right? That was what I was thinking. High five bro." I said reaching my hand to him. He punched my palm and shouted "Turkey!" I just laughed. Maybe we'll be okay after all.

Whoop whoop!! Got the first chapter done. This is my first time doing this and I really like it. Please comment and tell me what you think. PEACE OUT POTATOES!!

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