Interconnected Hearts Prologue (this starts after the end of Disconnected)

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Scott shakes his head taking a quick peek out the window. "Well, it looks like our get away car has arrived."

I laugh as he walks over putting his hand at the small of my back and guides me out and down the steps to the large black hummer waiting just outside for us.

"We couldn't of at least gotten a pretty limo and not this big monster?" I frown looking  at Scott out of the corner of my eye. "What if I fall out and ruin my dress?"

"I'll catch you, I promise."

I sigh shaking my head as he helps lift me into the backseat. "This is because of security isn't it?" I ask when Scott slides in beside me, 

He takes my hand in his before squeezing it tightly. "Yes, because tonight we're going to be in a group of people that loved Alexia, and they know what happened, and your part in taking her down. If anyone tries anything, I want to be in a car that is bullet proof and keeps you protected." 

I frown at that and squeeze his hand back. I think he's being over protective but I won't bug him about it, I love that he worries so much about me.

By the time we drive up to the theatre, my heart is pounding. I'm excited as can be but I'm also scared I'll end up falling flat on my face or something in front of all those cameras, and hello, other hot Hollywood guys that I'm a fangirl of. 

"Ready for this babe?" Scott asks glancing out the dark tinted windows.

I take a deep breath and nod, "Yep, let's go!"

Scott knocks on the window signaling that we're ready and someone dressed in an all black suit with a white earpiece stuck to his ear opens the door and Scott quickly climbs down and reaches his hands up to help me.

"I swear Scott Adams, if anything happens to this dress I'm blaming you for making me ride in this thing."

He laughs shaking his head, "I promise, nothing is going to happen to your dress. But we don't have a good track record with you and pretty dresses do we?" He teases and I pinch his side.

"Oh hush, just that first date, and the night you proposed because you made me cry so much that my mascara ran...well ok, yeah not a good track record." 

Scott laughs pulling me into his side as we get in line to go onto the red carpet. Holy crap, a real red carpet. 

I look up taking in the sights of everything around me. There are probably millions of fans behind baracades holding up signs, girls in t-shirts that say "I <3 Liam Warren" or "I'll be Your Leading Lady", there are even girls holding up "MARRY ME!" signs. I shake my head looking through the large crowd. I'm a self proclaimed fangirl but even I didn't ever go out of way to get the guys' attention like that. We take another step forward and my heart stutters when I see someone wearing  a shirt with Alexia's picture on the front and under the picture "RIP Alexia". 

Scott squeezes my hand, "Ignore them. They want to get a rise out of you, just don't give it to them." 

I nod squeezing back and smile gratefully when we get into the more wide open area where there are cameras galore making me blink my eyes over and over again against the flash.

"How do you ignore the flash?" I ask between gritted teeth as we're told to turn to a different camera for a better angle.

"Look to the side", Scott replies in a whisper. "It helps."

After probably 50 different people have snapped our picture we get a short break while some other actors are getting interviewed. I pull Scott to the side for a breather when I hear, "Kris!"

I turn around and grin seeing Kate and Liam not too far ahead of us. 

Picking up the skirt of my dress, I run as much as I can towards her. "Oh Kate! Can you believe this? I got to be within feet of some of my biggest crushes! This is like a fan girls dream come true!"

Kate laughs shaking her head at me, "Being married to a celebrity hasn't changed those thoughts huh?"

"Heck no! I'm married not blind!"

We laugh and huddle together whispering about the celebs we see, "Look, that's Jake Vincent!" I whisper pointing to a corner where there's a shaggy black haired guy that is in a movie or two Kate and I used to waste our weekends watching.

"This is crazy, isn't it?" Kate says and I nod.

"Beyond crazy!"

"Krista, come on time to go in the theater," Scott interrupts us.

"Ok...I'll see you in there Kate!"

She waves at me as Liam tugs her through the crowd and before Scott and I make it very far we're stopped by yet another interviewer.

"Hello there Scott and Krista," the interviewer beams. "This movie has a lot of Oscar buzz, how do you feel about that?"

"Oh, I'm just happy it's being received well." Scott flashes his killer grin at her. "This movie was a lot of fun to make, and hey it brought me to my wife." He squeezes my hand and smiles down at me.

"Krista, a year ago you were a college girl. Is it crazy capturing the heart of one of the most sought after men?"

I laugh nervously and squeeze Scott's hand back. "It is, but I'm really happy. I don't think the students I work with believe me when I say who I'm married to. So hi Franklin High kids!" I wave towards the camera. "They'll probably be swarming me Monday morning."

"Alright, I won't keep you much longer, thank you for talking with us."

Scott waves and pulls me ahead of him and behind a group of people trying to get into the theatre.

"Who's that girl?" I ask spotting a girl with long black hair and a skimpy little glittery silver dress on just ahead of us.

"That's Zoie Reese, she's in talks to play my younger sister in my next project, if she straightens out anyway."

I frown looking over at him, "Straightens out? What's wrong with her?"

"She's been trouble since she stepped foot in Hollywood. She has a lot of talent, but she's this close," he holds his fingers up to a pinch, "To throwing it all away. Mitchell and the other execs haven't been happy with her because she keeps getting caught at raids and wild parties in compromising positions."

I shake my head at all that. "Where are her parents?" 

 He shrugs his shoulders helping navigate me towards our assigned seats, "They seem to be very hands off about it all. They just pay to keep everyone quiet when she gets into a mess and move on. Zoie doesn't seem to have very much direction."

We take our seats and I look over my shoulder to where Zoie is now seated beside Mitchell and some other young actress I don't know, Zoie seems like a little girl lost in this crazy life, maybe I can help her find her way. 

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