Interconnected Hearts Prologue (this starts after the end of Disconnected)

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I used to be like every other girl. A fan chick that would drool over every picture of a celebrity man I could get my hands on or movie I could sit and stare at. Especially Liam Warren and Scott Adams, they were my biggest crushes, and the newest Sexiest Men Alive material, believe me.

But that was before I found out that my best friend, Kate, was actually married to Liam Warren. Biggest shock of my life, and to top it all off? He wanted her back and didn't let her forget it. I thought I was gonna melt into a puddle in our dorm room the day he showed up unannounced and I caught him and Kate in a steamy lip lock. 

Everything changed after that.

One day I went to the set of the movie Liam was in town filming and what do you know, Scott Adams was filming it with him. Scott is tall, has rich dark brown hair that you can just run your hands through and his smile...that smile will make any girl swoon. I was a total gonner the minute I met him in person. The more I got to know him, the real him, not a character he was playing or a movie poster he was pictured on, I fell hard. Lucky for me, he fell for me too. 

Our relationship hasn't been like in the movies though. We had a big bump in the road by the name of Alexia Dalton. 

 Alexia was Liam's ex-fling, and she was completely obsessed with him. So much so that she wanted to get rid of her competition, namely Kate. Alexia ran us off the road leaving me in a coma, and mine and Kate's friend Lucas dead. 

After that she went into hiding, and so did we. But being hidden in Liam and Kate's little house in Nevada wasn't good enough because Alexia still found us. She poisoned our body guards where they were camping out in their cars and marched right into the house and tried to take out Kate. That was when I had to shoot her.

 Growing up my Daddy always told me "Princess, you may be blonde and beautiful, but don't ever let yourself be dumb and defenseless." He made me take all kinds of self defense courses in highschool, including a gun safety course and I've been licensed ever since. That training came in very handy that day. 

Before word could spread about what happened, we got the heck out of Dodge. The guys surprised us with a vacation to an amazing resort in Hawaii. The first night there some of Scott and Liam's Hollywood friends got Kate and I some gorgeus designer dresses and the dining room got an overhaul to look like a five star restaurant.

Scott proposed to me that night. It was everything I've ever wanted, and so was our wedding because we got to share it with our best friends. While we were saying our vows for the first time Kate and Liam renewed theirs. Its a day none of us will ever forget.

Tonight is going to be another unforgettable night too, at least for me and Kate. It's our first time walking the red carpet with our men. I can hardly believe it! Tonight's the night and I couldn't be more excited. 

"Babe, you're going to ruin that dress if you keep swishing it around like that." Scott teases me as he stands in the doorway watching me looking at every angle of my hot pink glittery gown in the full length mirror. 

"I can't help it. This dress is amazing, Scotty!" I smile at him and run my hands over the body of the dress. "I so love Elize for finding this."

He laughs coming up behind me and pulling me close. "That's why she gets paid the big bucks. She knows how to please her clients." Scott preses a kiss against my bare neck. "You look beautiful baby."

"Thank you," I smile watching our reflection in the mirror. "You look pretty amazing yourself sweetie." I turn in his arms and put my hand on his cheek, "I love you Scotty."

"I love you too. I'd kiss you but I'm scared that Alicia will kill me for messing up that lipstick."  

I giggle and step out of his arms to grab my little clutch that has been designed to match the detailing on my dress. "You're probably right. She'll chew the both of us out if I don't look exactly the way I left her in pictures." 

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