Break Up Imagine (Louis Tomlinson)

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*Y/N P.O.V*

Yes finally! I'm so excited do you know why? Well because Louis asked me yesterday if I could move in with him, I told him I will ask my mum, and when I asked her she said YES, cool,huh? I'm so happy

I'm in my way to Louis flat or you could say OUR flat, when I arrived I quickly run to the door and open it, it was so so quiet weird.. But I don't care I can't wait to tell Louis.

"LOUIS!" I shout entering the living room to find no one, I enter the kitchen still nothing, okay I'm getting worried now "Louis!" I shout again running to Louis room, I open the door to finally see Louis, but he was holding magazine in his hand and staring at it with hurt and angry eyes, my smile slowly remove from my face "Louis baby what's wrong?" I asked sitting next to him, I take the magazine from his hand and saw what he was looking at, it was a picture for me and my best friend Tyler holding hands, and under the picture was written:

"Is Louis Tomlinson's Girlfriend Cheating on him with this mystery boy?"

My eyes got wide "Is it true?" Louis ask looking at me with pain and tears full his blue eyes "Louis! Of course not! He's just my best fr----" I start saying but Louis cut me off "SHUT THE HELL UP! YOU'RE JUST A BITCH! I CAN'T BELIEVE I REALLY LOVED YOU, YOU JUST USED ME FOR MY MONEY! YOU're JUST A SLUT" He yelled now anger in his eyes "Wha-at-t? I said my voice cracked at the end, I can't believe what I'm hearing, this person it can't be Louis "You heard me, now go out of here and go and fuck your 'new boyfriend' Bitch!" He spat angrily but still there was few tears in his eyes.

"Do you know what? FUCK YOU LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON! HE'S MY BESTFRIEND, I DON'T FUCKING LIKE HIM, I ONLY LOVE YOU AND ONLY YOU, IF YOU THINK I'M A BITHCH AND SLUT THEN THANK YOU! BUT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE FUNNIEST THING OF ALL OF THIS? HE'S A GAY!!!" I cried out, Louis face expression quickly changed, his eyes was wide with regret and pain, "Oh my god... Y/N I'm so so so so sorry I really don't---" "Don't Louis maybe I was wrong, I don't deserve you Louis, maybe it's better if we bre---" "NOOO!! PLEASE don't say that word please!!" He cried "I'm sorry but I'm leaving" I said walking out the door of the flat and out of one if the best relationship I ever had.....

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