5 • ten and tears

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Chapter Five

You can play the music starting here. Don't associate the lyrics to the scene though. Just feel the music. Put it on repeat.


So here I am, walking down the hallways of LSMU, still fumbling my thoughts over. Should I talk to him now? Or should I wait for him to talk to me first?

Ugh. It really is frustrating.

"Hey, Ellie. Uhm, have you... have you seen Ten?"

Ellie scowled at me first, but gave me a meaningful look afterwards.

"You seem so nervous. Did something happen?"

"I'm asking you if you know where Ten is."

She rolled her eyes at me and said, "I don't know! But I know where Johnny is."

I covered my face with my palm and shook my head.

"I don't need your boyfriend. Gosh, can you not think of him at least for now?"

"Nah," she giggled as she dreamily thought of her boyfriend. Okay, I'm not gonna find Ten if I'm just going to ask her.

"You're useless and I'm going. See you later."

It would be a whole lot easier if Taeyong just said where he is. Do I have to search through LSMU to talk to him?

I was thankful that we are dismissed early today. If we weren't, I would have to wait until tomorrow to reach Ten.

"Taeil! Taeil!"

"Oh—hi Winter! What brings you to this part of the school?"

"Why, am I not allowed to go to the gym?"

He laughed. "No. I'm sorry. Well, what do you need?"

"Uhm, I'm actually looking for Ten..."

I know he's going to react, and I wasn't wrong. He gave me a surprised look.

"A-ah. Ten? He told me he was going to the dance practice room to chill. He seems... I don't know. Off, I think? You know... since last Saturday night..."


A few awkward seconds passed. He cleared his throat and ruffled my hair.

"Well, I was glad to see you Winter. I gotta go!"

"Thanks, Taeil-ssi."

He ran, but after a few steps, he shouted. "Good luck talking with Chittaphon! Stay strong, Winter."

With what Taeil just said, I became nervous a thousand times more.

➹ ➹ ➹

As soon as I reached the doors of the practice room, I can hear music playing and shoes squeaking on the floor. He's dancing. Well, obviously, Winter. That's why it's called the dance practice room.

I peeped through the half-opened door, verifying if the man inside was really Ten Chittaphon. I could hear my heartbeat as if the music wasn't loud enough.

I have seen a lot of great dancers before, but I don't know why Ten gives me this... this certain feel. You know, like the feels that idols give like when EXO's Kai or SNSD's Hyoyeon dances. Or when the people dance from the movie Step Up. But it was more than that.

Hm, maybe it was just me being nervous.

If he hadn't stopped dancing, I would not have noticed that my mouth was open and I was drooling. Nice, Winter. Very nice.

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