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(Sam's POV)

It's been three weeks. Three weeks after she broke up with me. Three weeks of nothing but depressing fucking days.

I mean, yeah relationships come and go. But she meant everything to me. She made me happy. She- shit, I just caught myself being fucking corny about my ex.

Worst part is that she broke up with me without an actual reason.

Yeah, there was one night where I just wanted to get drunk and laid, but there was nothing fun about the sex with the stranger. It made me feel even fucking worse. "Wilkinson, get out of that damn room." Skate yelled.

"Fuck you."

"Just come and get groceries with me, I don't know about you but I haven't had a good meal in weeks, dude."

"That sucks." I mumbled once again.

"The hard way, I see." Nate pushed me off my bed, making me groan out of pain. "Get dressed, and please take a shower. You smell like shit."

(Y/N's POV)

I couldn't be with Sam. You know why? He was too fucking kind. I know it's not an excuse, at all. But I usually felt like such a bad girlfriend.

He would always be the one to organize the cute and sweet things, while I rarely did anything sweet. He deserved a lot better than me.

He was an amazing boyfriend. But too damn kind. I have no other way to say it. I genuinely loved- love him.

I was strolling through Walmart and getting groceries. I can't deny that I have been crying.

But I didn't want to be surrounded by sadness, so I tried to move on. I'm still trying.

While thinking about everything I saw a very familiar face. God, please don't let it be him. I couldn't face myself after I ran off. It was too bloody embarrassing.

"I gave you a reason, Sam."

"I asked for a good reason to break up with me." I harshly swallowed and he looked at me nervously.

"Just leave me alone." I looked up at Sam and walked away, ignoring the yelling of my name in the back.

I shook the scene out of my head and tried to focus on the person again.

I walked closer, slowly. Finally, I saw a clear view of his face. Nate Maloley. One of Sam's best friends.

I bit my lip and tried to act as normal as possible. "Watch where you're going!" I heard a voice yell in my face. I widened my eyes and looked up at the stranger.

"Sorry." I softly mumbled. Wait, that voice was so familiar. I lightly touched the strangers arm for (possibly) him to look at me.

"Aye, no touching!" He snatched his arm back and raised his head. Oh my God.

"Sam?" I shyly said. He looked at me. I never saw his face expression change so fast. From angry, to sad, to disappointed. His eyes were bloodshot red he had bags like he never slept.

My poor baby.

"Y/N." God, I was about to cry... again.

"I-I... Can-"

"Sam. Let's go." I saw Nate walking to him, he looked disgusted. He had every right to be.

"Please, Sam. I owe you a clear explanation." He refused to look at me. But eventually mumbled a 'fine' before walking out the store. I quickly followed him to a bench further up the street.

I wanted to start the conversation but nothing came out of my mouth. "Listen, Sam. I'm really really sorry. I shouldn't have left like that. You deserve a good explanation." I rambled without thinking and sniffed my nose.

"You're too good for me. You-You did everything to make it work. And I-I just felt like I couldn't give you what you deserve.

So I did what I usually do, run away from my problems." I bit my lip. Anxiously waiting for his reaction. "I miss you, Sam. This is pathetic as fuck but I... need you.

Even though I was the one who broke it off. I will try to do my best. Please, Sam." I sounded so stupid but I couldn't care less. I was so close to crying. "Please say something." My voice cracked.

"Hi," He held out his hand. "I'm Sam Wilkinson."

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