Ch. 6 Rice Crispy Treats

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I keep my head down, as I walk forward a couple steps. I can feel myself starting to shake. It's not just me I'm worried about. What if he thinks Tom was something more to me? Or blames Marta?

"Closer." I hear him say and I start crying.

"I'm sorry." I cry into my hands not coming any closer. The fact that I'm going to start my period in a few days isn't helping my emotional stability right now.

    I feel his arms go around me lifting me up and cupping my bottom. My legs are wrapped around his torso as he carries me. He sits down in his desk chair and I straddle his lap. His fingers gently caress my back. I look up at him feeling
stupid for crying. I hiccup. "Why are you being nice? I thought you were mad."

"I am mad. What were you thinking?" He asks, coldly.

I look down at my hands. "I didn't want to be left out. I didn't think it was going to be a big deal." I explain.

"You should have never left with an unmated male by yourself." He points out.

"I know that now. I didn't think anything of it before. I didn't even know him." I reply, truthfully. "It was just a ride."

"Don't do it again." He replies, seriously. There's a knock on the door and I smell chocolate.

"Is that chocolate?" I ask, practically drooling.

"Come in, Wendy." He says.

Lennox is facing the door and I'm still facing him on his lap. I look over my shoulder to see a tall blonde woman with long curly hair come in with a big smile and brownies. Her smile drops when she sees me. I must look like a mess, I wipe at my tear stained face. She steps closer and I notice she's pretty with deep brown eyes and a perfect figure. She isn't dressed scantily; she's wearing a designer dress with wedge heels. She looks classy.

"Alpha, I made brownies for you." She says, sweetly putting them on the desk. She stands in front of us not moving. I start to turn to get off his lap, feeling inappropriate but his hands stop my hips from moving. "At least let me turn and introduce myself." I mutter.

He turns me in his lap until I'm facing Wendy. "Hi, I'm Jocelyn." I lean forward as far as I can without standing up because Lennox's hands are holding me down.

She takes my hand and shakes it. "I'm Wendy."

"I really like your outfit." I tell her, honestly.

"Thanks." She replies, tersely. "I like your bathing suit."

I feel Lennox's thumbs pulling down the material of my suit bottoms and without thinking I turn to the side and smack his hands. He keeps his head down but looks up smiling. I suck in a breath. His smile is like getting hit in the stomach, unexpected and painful. He's the most beautiful man I've ever seen. His smile fades and he turns tense.

"Thank you. You can leave now." He dismisses, Wendy abruptly. She nods and does what he asks. When the door closes he brings the dish closer and offers them to me.

"People just bring you food?" I ask, amazed. While, trying to control the feeling of butterflies in my stomach.


"Wow, can you request rice crispy treats next time?" I joke, taking a brownie. I take a big bite enjoying the chocolaty goodness.

He picks up his phone and hits a button. "I need rice crispy treats." He orders and slowly hangs up.


Alpha Lennox Hall's POV

    I turned her on. I can smell her and all I want to do is throw her on my desk and take her. I smiled at her, is that's what did it? Or playing with her bikini bottoms?

"Did you really just order rice crispy treats? Just like that?" She snaps her fingers, her eyes bright.

I nod. She leans forward trying to see the phone better. "What else does it do?" She asks.

I laugh. Startled she looks at me again. Her musk gets stronger.

"Makes phone calls." I reply, huskily.

She looks at me in a daze. I stare into her eyes and not being able to stand it a second longer I cup the side on her face and kiss her. I turn her fully in my lap facing me and deepen the kiss. I take it slow, she moans and I feel my dominant wolf coming forward. My thinking clouds, my only thought is how badly I want her. I break the kiss, nibbling down her neck. I suck on the skin just below her ear.

She bends her neck to the side moaning loudly. "Lennox."

    My canines extend scraping her skin. There's a knock on the door which I would have ignored if it hadn't made Jocelyn tense up and try to push me away.

I growl loudly, glaring at the door. "What?"

The door opens and Liam comes in. "Sir, the Robinson's are here to speak to you."

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