Assassin's creed 3: of love and lust (lemon)

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       Hai guys this beh your frendly naighborhood llama kimberbunneh veh~, okay so you most likley dont know but i have been ADDICTED to assasins creed for the past MONTHS since i got it for christams, and well i have been reading this series by Bluebeany26, its called  Aligned paths and i recomned you all to read it!!! But yes, as i was saying XD, i felt like writing a lemon for you fellow fans, okay warning...its a LEMON not  LIME, lemons =copulation, so yeah if you no like than no read :) 

   OHHHH one more thing this is before sequence 12 when he shaved his head!!! Enjoy VEH~

Connor caressed the sides of his beloved, (y/n), he hadent seen her in a long time and the next day he would have to go to new york. She stuck with him through it all and this would be something he knew he would most likely not make it back...alive. He placed a sweet kiss upon her cheek waking up his sweet love.

  Her eyes slowly opened to the sight of connor stroking her cheek. "c...connor?" she hugged tightly a tear slowly rolling down her cheek " I've missed you so much..." he wrapped his arms around her waist " I have as well...(f/n)...." she went to go run her fingers through his hair when she realised the sides were shaved, she broke the embrace and looked at him with questioning eyes "your hair...its gone" she smiled when feeling his scalp "it suits you" she said looking at him in his eyes.  "thank you (f/n)" he said solemnly. 

  Her eyes grew more concerned "what's wrong connor?" he looked to the side and entangled his fingers in her soft (h/l) (h/c) hair. "I have another mission..." a silence grew in the room "in new york, i leave tommorrow during mid day". (f/n)'s heart sunk, she knew from the beggining that falling in love for an assasin would have its faults but she still found tears falling down her eyes. "I will support you always" she said as he brought her into another long hug. 
   He kissed her neck leaving a lingering trail. she blushed and kissed his forehead in return, her hand brushed past his neck and he blushed kissing her softer.
    She bit her lip and let out a soft moan when his lips touched her sensitive spot, he looked in her eyes full with a look full of lust, her cheeks flushed when she caught a glimps, "c...Connor I..." He crashed his lips against hers another moan escaping her lips, she gently nibbled his lip" I...I need you".
   Connor moved his head back and stroked her cheek "I love you".  A tear exited her eye as she cried. "I love you to Connor!" he held her closely" take me" She whispered sending shivers down his back. "for I know there's a chance you may not come back to me" another tear slithered down her cheek and he whipped it away kissing her in a longing way" I wouldn't love nothing more but to do so"
     he slowly undressed himself from his robes leaving himself shirtless. she felt his abs with her finger, blushing slightly When her began to take off her top. Her shirt was now off exposing her chest to him. Connor kissed down (f/n)'s neck to the valley between her breast sending.g shivers up her spine. "c...Connor"she moaned, He pressed a finger on her lip shushing her and he continued his kissing down her stomach.
  Upon peeling off her undergarments, he kissed her inner thigh, causing her heat to grow more. He kissed town to her toe and slid the wet undergarment off throwing it to the side. (F/n) found her lips to be dry and licked them sensually((uhm me no think that be a word)) making Connor even more aroused.
    His trousers seemed to fitt three sizes smaller than earlier and (f/n) noticed. She snickered lightly and tugged on the hem of his pants helping him remove them. He blushed at her advances and found himself completely nude like she was.
    He took in a deep breath admiring the body of his beloved while mounting her slowly. His member slid up her inner thigh making (f/n) shiver in anticipation. Yet once she got a good look.of his piece her fac e lost all color, how will it fit she pondered tightening her legs. Connor felt his heart drop"(f...f/n) I...we..." She kissed him softly shaking out of nervousness" I don't want to hurt you my beloved" he said stroking her side.
    She nodded and after a few kisses and words of comfort (f/n) opened her legs once more, determined to have him inside her. Connor readied himself at her entrance and looked up at her (e/c) colored eyes in which he loved so much and slowly inserted himself into her.
   The pain forced tears out of (f/n)s eyes. Connor looked at her pained as well He hated being the cause of.her pain. He kissed away her tears and kept as still as possible.
    After what seemed like hours.of agonizing pain, (f/n) felt a surge of pleasure in her body, she brought Connor down heated kiss and grinder her hips slowly. This caused Connor to grow even more errect if humanly possible, he started to roll his hips in her making (f/n) nearly yelp in over whelming joy and pleasure.
    Connor rolled his hips in a.more steady pace while kissing on on of (f/n)'s pert buds. She threw her head back and entangled her hand with his. He pulled back from adorning her breast And looked at her. The moonlight shown through the window and Connor noticed how (f/n)'s (e/c)roed eyes seemed to green with extra shine full of lust and love, his thrusting slowed down as he kissed her tenderly ans whispered in her ear" You are just so.beuatiful".
    (f/n)s heart skipped a beat at his tender words. even of she was covered in sweat with hair sticking to her face body completely nude he mentioned how he turkey felt about her made her happy to be his but also filled  her heart with dread. "I love you" he finished, and she responded with" I love you to".
    He smiled tenderly and picked his speed back up. With in minutes the room was filled with the smell of sex and the sound of scratching floorboards and skin.slapping skin.
    Connor than hit (f/n)s sweet spot sending shrill pleasure up her body" Connor" She helped becoming a moaning mess in his arms. She felt her stomach knotting up into a ball and her vaginal walls closing. Her constricting vaginal walls were driving Connor to.his last legs as well. With a few more brute like thrusts on to her sensitive g spot She shrieked out his birth name butchering it but all the while it still made Connor enjoy her more.
   He lasted a few more thrusts and came into her, he didn't pull out until every single drop of his seed was inside of her.
     Upon pulling out (f/n) felt empty and sad, that. it came to her realisation the whole reason why they copulated was because he might not ever return to the homestead after his next mission. She will never be able to do this again with him and the sheer thought made her cry. Connor held her closely and said not.a word as (f/n)s warm tears made a small pool on his still heaving cheats. He simply kissed her forehead and stood silent as she fell asleep" I live you" He said one last time before falling asleep himself.


  (F/n) had gotten up the next afternoon sore. When she felt that there was not another body with her She jolted up. There was a small box and letter sitting on the pillow next to hers, it read

     To my dear (f/n) I did not wish to see you grieve on my leaving so I left you peacefully asleep, we are both aware that I may never come back but even so I wish for you my bride, take the gift inside of the box and wear it proudly it was my mother's ring and she said when I was but a mere child to give this to the woman I would always love. At the time I had no idea what she met but my time with you has just been the beat five years of my life.
    if I return, wedding arrangements have already been planed out. Take care my beloved

  Tears filled her eyes, she smiled and kissed the paper but than realised there is a chance she can still catch up to him. Putting oh the ring"(f/n) putt on her medicines and one of his shirts and ran out the house into the homestead, Achilles was at the gates and stopped her from running any further. "He told me you would try and run after him. He also told my to make sure you wouldn't" the old man said while inhaling from his pipe. "Or would be best for us to return to the homestead (f/n)".
   Achilles put his hand on her shoulder when she broke down to cry.He patted her shoulder and they both walked back to the house. (f/n) held her tummy feeling sick because of her nerves, yet soon enough she will be sick for another reason


   Aww yeah Connor knew what he was doing Mmmmhmmmm he got you preggers and for those who don't know the game he comes back alive

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