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Warning: This is a fan fiction of many of the characters from JaysArmy's books. I don't take ownership of any of the characters names etc. And I'm definitely not trying to copy (the gorgeous, amazing, talented- okay I'm sorry I really love her) JaysArmy. This is just for fun, and I hope everyone enjoys reading!

P.S. My writing's not the best. I've gone in and out of writing for several years.


The skies appeared as a dark grey, much like it usually did. The air smelt of blood, destruction, and sin. As many looked to the skies above, all knew that the devil must be looking up at them from the pits of Hell.

"Johann!" a scream reverberated throughout the darkened room.

"Lacy?" Johann turned and ran to the direction of the voice immediately filled with a sense of dread. "Lacy!"

Someone seized his arm in which he turned to lash out on the offender, but he soon realized it was Nikolas, "It's a trap."

"What? Lacy is in trouble! I just heard her scream."

Johann turned to the sound of another voice, Lydia's. "Lacy is fine, Johann, I promise. Now we have to get out of here. It's a ticking bomb!"

Johann began to shake his head and follow them but then stopped, "How do I know this isn't a trap in itself."

An unmistakable voice boomed through the warehouse into his ears causing his blood to pound with fear,

"You don't."

Get ready for a action packed adventure with your favorite characters from The Criminal, The Brothers, and many more! (And of course, it's fanfiction so...don't get too upset if someone happens to...*gun goes off*... kick the bucket)

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