Part 1

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"And now," Haly announced dramatically, "May I introduce The Flying Graysons!"

A yellow spotlight fell on a couple at the top of a pole. They smiled and waved, their shimmering leotards catching the light.

"As usual, they will perform acrobatic feats without the safety of the net!" He finished.

The patriarch of the Graysons gripped the bar and leaped from the platform. He swung through the air, leaping from line to pine.

In the crowd, millionaire buissnessman Bruce Wayne applauded.

The man spun around around and caught the woman and they flipped in time to the flourishing music.

"Announcing the youngest Grayson, Richard!" A third spotlight fell on the ten year old. A grin spread across his face as the applause increased. He tensed, ready to jump when a creaking noise caught his attention. Looking up, he noticed that the wires that susoened his parents were slipping from the pole. Panic rushed through him.

"Mama!" He cried as they flew through the air towards him. This was where he was supposed to join them.

Instead of leaping, he knelt, stretching out a hand toward his mother.
With a *snap* the wire broke.

"Dick!" His mother cried out. With a final leap, she reached towards him. He grasped her hand and her weight nearly dragged him off the platform.
Screams arose from the crowd, and Dick looked down at the mangled form of his father.

"No!" He sobbed, gripping onto his mothers hand.

She looked up at her son. "Its okay my baby. You can't hold both of us."
She was slipping, his young arms not able to support her.

"No mama!" Tears rolled off his face.

"I love you my little bird."

She fell, and his gutteral cry echoed through the tent.

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