Harry: "Hey Luxey Poo!" he coos scooping her up. "Haggy!" "Thank you guys so much for watching her!" Lou says taking off. "Any time!" you say smiling. "So Luxey what do you want to do?" you ask. "Toys!" she screams. "Lux, we don't have any toys," Harry says. She begins to cry, "Lux, please stop crying," you say picking her up and bouncing her on your hip. She nestles her head into the crook of your neck, sucking her thumb. "Wuv you," Lux says kissing your cheek. Harry smiles up at you as you kiss Lux back. "Love you too Lux."

Liam: "Lux, this is my girlfriend (Y/N)," Liam says introducing you. "No Li, I'm your girlfriend," Lux says pouting. "You can be my girlfriend too." "No Li-um, that is cheating," Lux says matter-of-factly. "But Lux," "No buts Li, you mine," she says pointing at herself. "Ok then," he looks over at you,"Sorry babe but it's over." You begin to fake cry and Lux gets scared. "No No, I sorry," Lux says grabbing your leg. "So I can date Liam?" "Yes he all yours now!"

Niall: "C'mon Lux, you need to go to sleep!" Niall pleads. "No, I want (Y/N)!" "(Y/N) is taking a nap Lux." "Can I take a nap with (Y/N)?" Lux asks with puppy eyes. "Of course, go grab your blanket cutie." Lux runs into the living room, grabs her blanket, then jumps into bed with you. "Hey Lux," you say groggily. "Hi (Y/N), I sleep with you." "Okay, go to sleep," you say as she snuggles into you.

Louis: You two had taken Lux to the park and she had drained all your energy. You plop onto the couch, asking Louis for water. "Of course love, be right back." As you wait for Louis to come back with your water, you think about today. You and Louis took Lux to the park for a couple of hours so she could run around. You watched as Louis chased Lux and Lux squealing when she was caught. You had brought a picnic and ended up inly eating half of it. "Here you go love," Louis ays handing you a glass. "I had fun today," you say taking the glass. "So did I," he says kissing your head.

Zayn: You had just finished dinner and was now watching Finding Nemo with Lux. Zayn had brought over the popcorn and sat next to you. Lux grabbed a fistful of popcorn and shoved it into her tiny mouth. :Lux! Where are your manners?" Zayn asks. "Sowy," she says, popcorn spilling out of her mouth. "Lux!" you say giggling. She looks up at you with puppy eyes and bits of popcorn sticking out of the sides of her mouth. "Lux, you cutie!" you say bopping her nose.

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