Frerard (chapter 6)

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The crowd roaring

The lights flashing

The music blaring out

"England, are we having a great fucking time?!"

They all clapped and cheered.

10 years later and My Chemical Romance were playing to their hearts content in

Newcastle, on their Killjoys Make Some Noise! tour.

"Before our next song 'S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W' I would like to make a quick announcement'

The crowd fell silent, at the serious tone in Gerard's voice.

"Frank motherfucking Iero, get your ass right here now!"

Frank made his way to Gerard

"Yeah babe?"

And suddenly there lips collided.

The crowds legit screamed their heads off as Gerard and Frank both moaned into the

microphones. "That's not all, killjoys!"

He got down on his knees.

"Frank, since the day I've met you, I felt fireworks whenever I saw you. You're perfect.

You're everything that makes someone fucking amazing. The way you dress, laugh, smile,

well anything really, it makes my heart stop, you can leave me speechless like nobody else.

I don't know what you do but whatever it is you're truly amazing and I never wanna let you go"

"Gerard, I.." Frank spoke

He got down on one knee and pulled a tiny box out of his back pocket

"Frank, I wanna be with you until the day that God takes us. The world is ugly, but you're

beautiful to me. I want to know that if I die, I die being with you. So would you do the

honourable favour of marrying this firey haired softie whose completely nuts for you?"

Everyone was crying and cheering, even Mikey and Ray, and Bob. Bob wasn't part of MCR anymore

but he was featuring in England as a one off return.

"Of course I will Gerard, I fucking love you, baby!"

The rest of the concert was all smiles and cheers and the occasional crying fangirls.

*time lapse, California 2019*

LULZ PEOPLE BET YOU WASN'T EXPECTING THEM TO BECOME KILLJOYS YHYH, well, it's gonna be a shocker ;) but lets just say, they have a small chance of survival, will they live to defeat Korse? Maybe, maybe not.

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