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          It wasn’t me I swear!


Ever since the first day my family arrived at this hotel, the manager never seemed to like me. She thought I was trouble. That I would ruin the hotel and its reputation.  Whenever something goes wrong she knows it is me and even if it wasn’t me she would still be after me.  Every time she chases me she has some sought of hypnosis to make my mum and dad go after me to. She does it to everyone. most people fall for it. except the other kids and the hotels’ cook(Barney)(friends from the start, unlike Miss grumpy pants who hates my guts). She has chased me a lot ,down hallways through the streets in the pool even through my own hotel room and I had to jump out my window (I was on the second story and jumped onto the cooks’ balcony below)every time wanting to do something bad to me but this time was worse of all.

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