Character description

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Character Description
( Cuz I suck at introducing a character throughout the story (ー ー;) )

Name: Crystal Fullbuster

Age: 17

Height: 5'5"

Appearance: Long dark blue hair (a little lighter than Gray's), deep purple eyes; wears a light purple tank top, blue denim comprise with a light blue belt, black flats, and a necklace with a light blue gem with a purple flower

(If you haven't noticed, her favorite color is purple)

Magic: Ice dragon slayer, and ice make magic

Personality: Crystal is friendly to everyone, unless you piss her off. She's fun to be around, gets along with everyone (mostly), and she sometimes acts like a smart-ass. She sometimes gets nervous when meeting new or important people. She will also do everything she can to keep her friends, and anyone she cares about, safe.


Crystal's exceed

Name: Bree

Color: Light blue

Personality: Bree is shy at first and when she meets new people. Once she gets to know someone better then she is caring. She's somewhat on the quiet side, but she's still great to be around. She worries about her friends and anyone close to her a lot, like Crystal for example.

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