what am I feeling

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Travis P.O.V

Y/N was really pretty not like the other girls I flirt with all the time just I don't know I've never felt this way before...

Y/N p.o.v

Travis was still looking at me I gotta admit the guys cute in a creepy castanova way but cute all the same No what are you thinking y/n you JUST met the guy.

"Urhm guys? I heard a confused Lizzie ask, "urhm.. Earth to travis and Y/N" she repeated again "what? Sorry I was daydreaming" I said "I could tell.. Now lets play spin the bottle" she shouted as I realised everyone was here so we all sat in a circle "Ill start" said a hyperactive lizzie
She span and it landed on laurance (OTP OTP ALERT XD) the met in the middle and lizzy fell onto laurance who kissed her smiling whilst a growling dante could be heard in the background after a while it was my turn I span and it landed on travis I started to blush awkwardly....

And lizzie is so cruel cause im ending it here mwahahaha okay seeya later kitty~kuns- lizzie

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