Max's story update

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 Hello lovelies and gents!! I am thinking of uploading the first chapter of Max's story and the sequel to this one this weekend if you can guys can do something for me. Remember this story is not over. I will also update this story this weekend but here's the thing...see below please.

I have noticed many read and don't vote and or comment so If the last two chapter entitled visions and Alison can get a combined 105 votes I will upload the next chapter immediately if not don't worry it will be uploaded but behind The Devils Son My Mate which has been receiving more votes, though this one has more readers.

For the upload on Max's story and the sequel to go up this weekend instead of in two weeks I would love for you guys to check out Vampires Bite and vote if you like or comment on the chapters. With at least twenty five I will upload the first chapter by Sunday at latest. This story will be a series so has a slow build at first so please bare that in mind.

Feel free to also check out The Devils Son My Mate as well. 

I really just want to know if you guys like the stories. Reads tell a lot but votes and comments really help me know and inspire me to write more. This story isn't far from a million reads would love to get that vote count back up. I know my hiatus a while back from writing deterred that some but I have been uploaded a few times a week now for you guys.

Last but not least feel free to check out any of my other stories and if any of you write paranormal or supernatural I do have a book club. I have ran it a few times a year and have helped many writers get their storied read and it's fun so feel free to join. The book with he information is on my page. I just reopened so plenty of spots available. Feel free to message me about it.

Thanks again lovelies and gents.

Oh one last thing.Max's mates name..lets play a game with that. Please vote for your favorite out of the four to be used.





Leave your vote in the comment section and I will tally them and pick the winner.

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