Chapter 16

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Lauren's POV

I use my bo staff to knock back the robots trying to attack me. Steve kicks up his shield, and Thor hits it, causing the shield to disengaged 5 robots, then wedge itself in a car. I put my bo staff back into its holsters, do a back flip so I land on a robot's shoulders, flip down to grip its ankle, then flip around once more to throw it towards two more robots.

" You know, in all my years, I never thought I would fight an army of robots... or aliens", I say as I fire my gun at Ultron's children.

" That makes two of us", Steve says as he rips a robot's head off.

" Give me a boost?", I ask.

" Can't you fly?", He asks.

" It's more fun this way", I say as I back up a couple feet, " Just like we practiced. Don't accidentally throw me into a wall again".

" {groans} It was one time", Steve says.

I run towards him, jump up so he can grab my feet, and Steve then throws me straight up in the air. I take this time to do multiple 360's, knocking back robots with my bo staff as I do. And sure enough, Steve catches me in his arms when I fall back to the ground.I shove my elbow behind me, which hits a robot that was charging towards me.

" Mutare", I mutter, which causes the robot to crunch up into a ball, then throw itself into a group of robots, making me smirk.

" Alright, we're all clear here", Clint says over the comms.

" We are not clear. We are very not clear!", Steve says as he shoves his shield into a robot's chest, then gives it a double-foot kick.

" Alright, coming to you", Clint says as I tap into my nature powers to my a tree's branches wrap around 7 robots and completely crush them, " Nobody would know. Nobody. The last I saw him when Ultron was sitting on him. Yeah, he'll be missed, that quick little bastard. I miss him already".

" I would know.Your comms are still on, Barton", I say as I fire my gun at the robots.

" Of course they are", He sighs.


" Romanoff!", Steve shouts as he throws his shield towards Nat.

" Thanks!", Nat says as she picks up the shield to shield herself from the fire of a robot, hits it's leg, then it's face, and throws it at Steve who then destroys what's left of the robot.

" Long time, no see", I say.

" I barely recognize you", She says as she brings me into a hug.

" The next wave is gonna hit any minute. What do you got, Stark?", Steve says as we guide some Sokovians into a building for shelter.

" Nothing great. Maybe a way to blow up the city. That'll keep it from impacting the surface, if you guys can get clear", Tony says.

" He asked for a solution, not an escape plan", I say as Steve and I walk towards the edge of the rock.

" Impact radius is getting bigger every second. We're gonna have to make a choice", He says.

" Cap, these people are going nowhere. If Stark finds a way to blow this rock--", Nat starts.

" Not till everyone's safe", Steve says.

" Everyone up here, versus everyone down there? There's no math there", She says.

" We're not leaving this rock with one civilian on it", I say.

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