MHH-CHAPTER 52:The END is near

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A/N: The past chapters were a bit messed up so I hope I can make it up to you this time around guys. :*

--> "She's just nobody"
Three words,
Means billions of feelings
Can destroy a girl's life


Anne's POV

"There she is...,"

"Where have you been?,"

"Anne ! We've been looking for you all over the place, come on? Nandito na silang lahat,"

I smiled at the reapers.

Five people standing in front of me, probably catching their breath. Haha.
It isn't my fault that they over reacted or something.

It's an organization lead by let's say the one's at the top.
They're known as ruthless, heartless, powerful people.

But today?
Well, today is different.
We are not in this gorgeous peaceful place gathering around and uniting, wearing our best dresses and suits just to fight.

We are here to celebrate,
I am here to finally accept the challenge.
Of being the heiress.

I nod at them and start walking.

Nagpunta lang naman ako sa isang garden na fountain, ang ganda kasi at nag isip-isip ako doon.

Now I feel no harm, only peace.

Oh by the way, kung iniisip niyo ang nangyari last time.
Ang bilis nga eh, 2 weeks na kaagad ang nakalipas.

Unahin ko yung kay Daniela Naoumi.
We were never friends.
I can never be pitiful about her death,
But maybe I was thankful, admit it or not.
I mean, what can I do? This is me ! My pity is rare, my trust is rare, everything in me is rare. At sobrang konting beses lamang na mangyari yon.
I am no hero, it's not my fault she died.

I did not showed up in her funeral, never did I sent a condolence to her family......but I secretly went to her two days after her funeral.

I brought some roses, the white ones. Others says it's for making peace, well I guess everyone deserves peace every once in a while.

I didn't say much to her grave, just simply said

"Thank you,"

Which I did not intend to say ! Ugh. Kailan na ba ako nagsabi noon?. Hindi naman malimit diba?!. Kay John siguro oo. Hays. Kakaiba na talaga, ang dami nang nangyayari. I can't even recognize myself anymore.

Oh by the way, I easily recovered--as expected. Sa left side naman ako natamaan ng bala kaya ayos lang, at yung bumaril saakin?. Puno lang naman ng bala ang katawan niya ngayon.

Si Mr. Yang--he's dead.
But I know he's not alone.

Pero bago ko problemahin ang sunod kong misyon, mayron pa akong dapat intindihin...katulad nang pagpapatakbo ng mafia...

"Ikakasal na pala kayo ah?," Jhiro.
To my surprise, may dila pa pala siya.
Akala ko wala na akong kasama eh.
Nauna na yung apat at kami na lang ang magkasabay na naglalakad pero kanina pa siyang tahimik.

"Oh? Akalain mong buhay ka pa pala Jhiro?," I said sarcastically.

He just chuckled.
"Feeling any excitement or  something?,"

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