Chapter 6: The grade school host is the naughty type

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Kosei was running down the hallway, again. Trying to make it before the bell rang so that he wouldn't be late for another day in the host club. He let his thoughts wonder as he turned the now familiar hallways of Ouran. I hope Tamaki doesn't start talking about me being a host today. It's not that I don't think I could (even if that is still a small part of it) but I have a girlfriend, and I'm 1000% sure that Tsubaki would not like girls fawning all over me everyday after school, I could only imagine what R- His thoughts got cut off as he felt something tug at his foot, he was running to fast to stop himself as his body hit the floor with a bang. He quickly sat up after making sure he was okay. He looked around to see Shiro standing above him with a smirk. Kosei sighed, "Shiro-kun. I don't have time to play around today. I'm already late for the Host club as it is." The teen said standing up. Shiro and him had made a bond of sorts, he was in the classical music club and Kosei would attend sometimes to see the other people who had music scholarships or people who would be playing with him at competitions to represent Ouran. Shiro had been the only person to not make a big deal about his past in the music industry, making them friends of sorts. "I know where your going. And I want you to take me with you." Shiro said folding his arms. "W-why? I though you hated the Host club?" Kosei said tilting his head to the side in confusion. "I-I have business there. Just take me okay?" The grade schooler said in frustration. Kosei rolled his eyes at the boy but agreed. The two jogged down a few more hallways together and finally reached the Third Music room. "What could you possibly have to do with the Host club?" Kosei asked putting his hand on the door. "I guess you will find out soon wont you?" The boy asked. Kosei bit back a rude remark and opened the door, rose petals blowing past the two. Shiro jumped back in surprise while Kosei simply walked in, more than used to the Hosts shenanigans by this point. "Welcome to the Ouran Host Club." The hosts said in sync (Dressed in royal Egyptian outfits) as Shiro looked shocked, with no idea of what to do. "Oh, It's just a kid." One of the twins said. "Don't be rude. His name is Shiro and he wanted to talk to you guys." Kosei said. "What's wrong little boy? Did you need something from our palace?" Tamaki asked, not breaking his Egyptian prince character. "Y-your the king of this place?" Shiro asked walking into the room. Tamaki smiled brightly at the 'king' title. "Come closer lost boy." Shiro walked up to him and Kosei sighed, knowing that this wasn't going to end well at all. "I'm Shiro, a fifth year...and I want you to take me on as your apprentice!" Shiro said pointing right at Tamaki. "w-what?!" Kosei said in shock. What the heck was Shiro doing?! This was way out of character for him. The rest of the host club looked surprised as well, as Tamaki looked happy beyond words.

-Host Club Hours-

"Are you about ready to perform?" Kyoya asked Kosei as he walked by. "Yea, I just have to get my music sheets in is Shiro doing with Tamaki?" He asked looking over at the 'king' as he entertained a guest. Shiro sat right by his side, watching Tamaki's every move. "He is doing all right I suppose. I can only wonder what all of this is going to lead to." Kyoya said before letting the piano player get everything set and ready. He sat himself down and got the music out, some of the groups around the club turned to him, knowing he was about to play another beautiful song. Shiro turned away from Tamaki for the first time since he started his hosting and watched as the blue eyed boy got ready to play. "I bet you lovely ladies love hearing his playing dont you?" Tamaki asked his clients. "Oh yes! He is such a wonderful player." One girl said. "He really is," Shiro said, catching Tamaki's attention. "One day I wanna be able to play like he does." The boy said watching as Kosei started. Tamaki smiling to the newest member of their club.

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