Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

“Michael, how are you feeling?” Scouter Mike asked.

“Like myself,” Michael said. He shrugged and walked back to the group. “I guess the time I spent with Ricky did cure me.”

“So, what do we do now?” Dave asked from outside the gate. “We still need to either come in or find another safe place.”

Mike turned to face the man. “I think we should see if Ricky can help them out like he helped Michael.” Mike looked at Ricky. “Are you okay to try with them, Ricky?”

Ricky looked at the creatures that had once been Scouter Jeremy and his fellow Scouts. “Of course, Scouter Mike. I’ll do whatever I can to help them out.”

Mike put a hand on Ricky’s shoulder. “I was hoping you would say that, Ricky. Steve, unlock the gate.”

Steve was already walking to the gate when Mike spoke. He pulled the gate keys out of his pocket and unlocked the padlock. He pulled chain out of the gate and swung it open. “Ready when you are, Mike.”

“Come on in, Dave. It’s probably better if we do this in here than outside. If things don’t work out….” He stopped talking, not quite sure what to say next. “I guess we will have to figure it out, if it doesn’t work.”

Dave nodded. “Okay people. Let’s get these poor souls into the park. Bring all your gear too.”

The strangers came into the park, taking their time to carefully manoeuvre the former Scouts through the gates without harming them.

Mike watched the undead members of his troop come into the park. They were all much worse for wear. Jeremy had cuts all over his face and body. His right arm hung limply, looking like his shoulder might be dislocated. That same arm looked like it it had been chewed along the entire length with blood staining his clothing.

The boys were only slightly better. Each one was pale and had obvious bites in various places on their bodies. The entire group had the trademark pinprick eyes. One of the boys had a large chunk bitten out of his arm.They all were trying vainly to reach their captors.

The new arrivals kept their dead charges held in the middle of a circle of ropes and people. When they were settled, Dave looked expectantly at Mike. “So, Mike. Show us how you cured Michael.”

Scouter Mike smiled. “Bring one of the boys out of the circle. There is no point risking my guys any more than necessary.”

“You heard him,” Dave said. “Bring one of the boys out.” He pointed at the Scout with the badly ravaged arm. “How about him?”

Mike shook his head at the choice. “Larry? I don’t know about picking the worst of the lot first. Steve, could you make sure we have the big first aid kit available? I have no idea what will happen when that boy turns back, but I expect bleeding and a lot of pain.”

Steve nodded and sent one of the Scouts running for the supplies. “Hang on a minute, then Mike. It makes no sense to rush this now.”

“I agree,” Mike said.

They didn’t have long to wait. By the time Dave’s people had the lone boy out, the Scout had returned with the first aid kit and rolls of gauze and bandages.

“You ready, Ricky?” Mike asked. Steve and some of the Scouts had set up a first aid station and the undead boy was held away from the others, snarling in his ropes.

“I guess so, Scouter Mike.” Despite his brave words, Ricky looked nervous. The boy took a hesitant step toward his former comrade. The dead boy ignored him completely.

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