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I realized the other day that, plot-wise, I'm nearly finished with this story (novella?) At any rate, I'm going to test your patience with me as an author for a little longer because I'm going to take a print-out of this with me on vacation this month (June 2016) and see what I can do about revising and finishing this and finally making it a complete e-book.

This has been a very messy, public process, but I honestly can say that you folks, my faithful readers, have really helped me write as much of this as I managed in the year and some that I've been working on this.  


I will post a note here directing you to any finished product once I have it.

In the meantimes, I would absolutely adore it if you dropped me a comment or a note in my in-box about the things you would like to see happen by the end.  Again, seriously, thank you all so much for your patience and support!

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