First Day

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First days of school
have never really
been my thing.
It's not fun
at all
to have to wake up
really early in the morning
when you're already
so used to
sleeping in until
all hours of
the day in
the summer.
It's not fun
at all
when your older sister
jumps on your bed
and proceeds to screech
in your ear
like a five-year-old child,

she yells,
"today's the first day
of school!
C'mon, you have to
wake up!"

Of course, I
don't feel like
waking up
any time this century,
so I roll over
with a quiet grunt.
After a length of silence,
I almost think that
Eunice has abandoned
her plans of waking me -
but then something wet
splashes all over
my face and neck
and the top half
of my blankets.
It's then that I
finally bolt upright
in bed
to shriek and cast
an accusatory glare
in my pesky older sister's

"Stop it..."
I whine, swiping at
the empty water glass
still in her hand.
She doesn't seem to
hear me, though -
she's too busy
laughing her socks off
at my half-wetted head
and baleful expression.

"Matty, seriously,"
she manages between snorts,
"we have to go soon.
Mom's gonna be
mad at us
if we're late on
the first day."
Taking my lack
of voluntary movement
as argument,
she continues with,
"And you know
what Mom's like
when she's upset, right?"

After a moment
of silent consideration,
I have to admit that
she's probably right.
"Get out of
my room,"
I grumble at her,
shooing her and
her mirthful expression
away from me.
"I have to
get dressed."

"Our room,
you mean."
But after a moment's
she finally acquiesces,
leaving me alone
at last.
She probably
regrets doing that, though,
when she comes back in
five minutes later
to find me, once again,
fast asleep.

At long last,
she finally manages to
get both of us
up and ready
to leave for school.
We're just putting
our shoes on
when our older brother
emerges from the kitchen,
tousle-haired and
yawning -
and obviously
not as ready to leave
as the two of us.

"We're going to be late,"
Euni hisses at him
as he sleepily blinks
down at us,
obviously just as enthused
as I am
about the first day
of the school year.
That is to say,
not a bit.

"Seniors don't start
until tomorrow,"
Matthias claims
through another yawn,
earning a smack
on the arm
from Euni.
"Don't you remember that?"

"Of course not,"
she retorts
as he grins
in defeat.
"You're a horrible liar,
Hurry up and
get your butt in gear
before Mom finds out
that you're trying to
ditch school."

With a long,
sarcastic groan,
Thias turns on his heel
and stalks towards
the room that
he and our
youngest brother, Eddie,
He's ready soon enough,
despite his complaints,
and after
saying goodbye to
little Eddie
(who is mighty nervous
to be starting the fourth grade
we head out.

The local high school
is a short walk
from our house,
partially due to its
close proximity to the
local college, which
both of our parents
teach at.
The three of us
haven't gotten a ride to school
since I was in
the third grade,
the year that there was
such a huge snowstorm
that the snow drifts
piled on the sidewalks
were taller than I was.
Eddie, on the other hand,
can't walk alone
to the elementary school
further down the street,
so my parents
drop him off
on their way to work
each morning.

It's become a
comfortable routine,
walking to school with
my older siblings.
I settle back into it
as we start off down
the sidewalk,
watching as they
delve into
yet another round
of their incessant bickering.
The school building
rises up in the distance -
and while I'm dreading
the day to come,
it feels nice to
lapse once more into
the comfortable shadows
of my two more
prominent siblings.


Heyyyy look who sort of got her ass in gear enough to post this?? :D I'm not quite sure how frequently this'll ve updated, considering I'm also trying to write Misleading and Away, as well as revise Misalignment, so... Well, we'll see.

For those of you who don't know, this story is the third in this series - Misalignment is the first, and Misleading is the second. I'm still trying to write Misleading, but it's not exactly required that you read either of the other two stories before this one. I've had people ask before, and the only real order for these is the order I'm writing them in. Though Undeniable will be the fourth story for a reason...

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