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I wake up to Katharine shaking me lightly. "We gotta go to the tour bus." She says and giggles.

I smile and get up, looking for my daddies. Michael enters the room and smiles at us.

"Good morning cutie pies." He coos and lifts me up. He leads us to the bed and changes us into fresh nappies.

He changes me into a tank top and shorts then pops a pacifier in my mouth.

There's a knock on our hotel door, Michael shouting to come in. Patrick enters and smiles when he see's Katherine.

She squeals and runs to him, jumping in his arms. He laughs and holds her tight.

"Thanks for watching her, we'll see you at the show." He says before flashing us a smile and walking out the door.

Michael gets us packed and ready then we leave the hotel and go to out tour bus. I climb into the bus while the boys stay back and greet some fans.

I go to the back of the bus or as Michael like to call it, "the game room" and sit down. Michael, Ashton, Calum, and Luke come in shortly after and turn in the TV.

"Hey princess." Luke says and sits next to me. I smile and make grabby hands for him.

He chuckles and situates me so I'm laying on his chest. "It's gonna be about 2 hours till we get to the next arena, so let's watch a movie. Babe could you get some popcorn for us?" He asks and gives Calum puppy dog eyes.

Calum laughs and goes to make some. Ashton puts in Zootopia and settles on the couch with Michael cuddling his side.

Calum comes back with the popcorn and sits besides us as the movie starts to play.

I stay cuddled to Luke's chest as he feeds me popcorn and watches the movie.

Awhile later, we arrive to the arena and we get out of the tour bus, finally able to stretch our legs.

Fall out boy's tour bus pulls up besides us and Katherine jumps out and hugs me. We giggle and chase each other around.

"Alright you two, let's go." Ashton says and chuckles. He comes over and picks me up.

Ashton and the rest of the boys walk toward the backstage area. We enter through the backdoor and Ashton sets me down on a couch, Katherine being set besides me.

We watch them practice like last time then my daddies go to soundcheck. Fall out boy stay with us and play games until they come back.

Calum comes over to me and picks me up, taking me to the bathroom. He lays a disposable changing mat on the floor and lays me down.

He unsnaps my onesie and undoes the tabs of my nappy, romovimg it and wiping me down. Calum puts a fresh one on me before redoing my onesie and picking me up.

"Good girl." He coos and tickles my stomach making me giggle. He smiles and brings me back out backstage.

Everyone was watching Luke and Michael play a heated game of Mario cart. Calum sits down with me on his lap and we watch.

Pretty soon Fall out boy come back from their act and Luke, Michael, Ashton, and Michael are up.

They all kiss my head and head to grab their instruments before heading out on stage.

"We'll be right back girls, we left something at the hotel that we need. Stay here." Pete instructs before kissing Katherine's head and heading out the back door with the rest of the band.

Katherine and me put in Cinderella and curl up togrlether on the couch, falling asleep quickly.

I awake to someone picking me roughly. My eyes shoot open and I freeze. I look around for Katherine and I see her in a random man's arms, sleeping.

I scream and try to kick at the man holding me but he has a strong grip on me. The unfamiliar man slaps my thigh hard and its enough to make me stop.

"Bring them toward the van, its parked backstage." The man holding Katherine whispers.

The men carry Katherine and me out the back door and into an all black van. I notice the windows are tinted as they throw us in the back and climb in behind us.

Katherine wakes up and starts to cry once she realizes we aren't where we are supposed to be.

"Shut up!" Roars one of the men and kicks her in the stomach. I crawl towards her to try to comfort her but one of the men pulls me back.

I whimper and curl into a ball, hoping this is all a bad dream. "The girls will have fun with them tonight!" A guy in the drivers seat exclaimed.

I crawl towards Kathrine again, determined to be with her and protect her. The guy took notice but did nothing to stop me from curling up to her and rubbing her stomach. We layed there, hoping that one of our daddies could save us.

Well that was a turn of events
Love you :)

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