But, How?

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((Ross' POV))

After a while, pretty much everyone was there. Jin, Barney, Red, Adam, Alesa, me, and even Jess! (Y/n) and Max still aren't here, hopefully they're okay..

Everyone was over at the picnic tables while I was just by the lake, looking into it..

I put my foot in it once again to see if the figure would come back, but it didn't..


I turned around to see the figure I saw in the water before, just it wasn't a figure anymore. It was a real person..

"Who...Who are you?" I asked

"I'm Coraline. Coraline Jones," She said

"Ross.. Ross Washington.." I replied

((Adam's POV))

I looked over at Ross, who was talking to a girl.

A girl that isn't (Y/n), Jess, Shelby, or Alesa!

That's honestly pretty surprising. He never talks to girls. Well, he dose. But, not often.

I looked back at Alesa, Red, Barney, Jin, and Jess.

"So, did Max and (Y/n) find out the gender of the baby yet?" Jess asked

"I don't think they were gonna check, I think they were just gonna wait, but I could be wrong." Alesa replied

I nodded

"Waits, a babys?" Barney asked

Red, Alesa, Jess, and I nodded.

"I didn't know that they were having a baby.." Jin said

"Sames," Barney said

"Well, they are," I said, "and Max said he might plan on proposing to her sometime soon,"

"YEP, THE SHIP IS SAILING!" Jess yelled, "I still wish MithRoss could have a chance, but with (Y/n) and Max being a huge thing, there is no way MithRoss is gonna sail,"

Red sighed, "MithRoss wasn't gonna sail anyways, Jess."

Alesa, Jin, Barney, and I nodded.

Jess sighed, "I know,"

((Max's POV))

I don't remember the last time I've felt this much pain.

Oh, wait.

Yes I do.

The last time I saw Gwen.

((Ross' POV))

"Ross, I need to tell you something.."

I looked at Coraline, "Yes?"

"This is a dream... (Y/n) hasn't met Max... All of This has been a big dream.." she said

A dream?
So, (Y/n) never actually came to Washington? All of this is fake?

"But, how?" I asked

Coraline shrugged, "I don't know.. But you'll be waking up soon.."


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